A Message from Kay Hagan

Congress Must Stop Manufacturing Crises and Instead Work to Grow Our Economy

This government shutdown was completely unnecessary. Congress should have never gotten to the point where the government was shut down and on the verge of a default crisis, and neither Republicans nor Democrats should attempt to take a victory lap after last night’s vote.

However, I am glad the Senate passed a bipartisan plan to re-open the government and avert a default crisis that would have been disastrous for our economy and our middle class families. I wasn’t elected to shut down the government or play political games, and it’s time for Congress to stop manufacturing crises and get to work on a long-term, bipartisan and balanced plan to get our fiscal house in order, grow our economy and give certainty to families and business owners.

Now that the governemnt has re-opened, my office stands ready to once again provide constituent service to any North Carolinian who needs assistance with a federal agency. Whether you’re a veteran seeking your hard-earned benefits from the the Department of Veterans Affairs, a senior trying to reach the Social Security Administration, or a small business owner applying for a loan from the Small Business Administration, my staff and I are here to help.

You can contact my office and my constituent services staff toll-free at (877) 852-9462, or you can submit a request for help online by clicking here. I am committed to providing first-rate constituent services to all North Carolinians. If you run into bureaucratic red tape, please know that the doors of my office are always open.


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