A Message from the Man Who Destroyed the Nation

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Friend —

Over the past few months, we have seen Republicans who think they are ready to sit behind this desk take to the national stage to diminish our progress, promise to undo everything we’ve worked so hard to accomplish together, and undermine a whole set of values that we as Americans share.

It’s the honest truth that we can’t afford to elect one of them as our next president. And it’s up to us to shape the direction this country takes in the future.

Here’s how we do that: By electing leaders this November from the White House down to the statehouse who share our values and understand that the work we’ve done — from making quality, affordable health care more accessible, to getting as many folks back to work as possible, to helping our young people unlock the opportunity that comes with higher education — has all been in the interest of moving this country forward and helping folks get ahead.

I know you’re ready to fight to protect our progress and elect Democrats across the country who will fight with us.

Tonight we’re facing a critical fundraising deadline, so I’m asking you to step up right now to help reach a big goal. Pitch in $10 or more today and the folks at the DNC will send you an Official 2016 Membership Card, because nothing is more important than knowing that we are a team — that we’re all in this together.

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This is about making sure we leave our country in the hands of capable leaders who are going to do the work it takes to put the American people first. So thank you for your commitment to this party and to our progress. We can’t make this happen without you.

Barack Obama


What a beggar this pResident is. The honest truth is that we can’t afford to elect any politician to the federalized government. The founding principles which made our nation strong have been vilified to the point that supporting the Constitution is now considered anti-government. Patriots are labeled as racists haters. Half of the people are supporting the other half of the country’s political elite and their voting class. The sense of impending doom is only offset by the unending printing of fiat dollars that will be used to enslave our children.

Got faith?

David DeGerolamo

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  1. a follower says:

    Yes i have faith, and Obama did not destroy this nation alone. Although he has played his part, for sure.

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