A New Label to Deflect the Truth

The president has labelled Islamic terrorists as “losers”. Labels are used to deflect the truth: the true evil is Islam. This is another justification by the West to appease. If the Western leaders called hardened jihadists “losers”, do you think they will take a timeout in a safe zone?

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to A New Label to Deflect the Truth

  1. 173d Viet Vet says:

    David -- -- And exactly what term would you want The Trumpeter to use?

    Perhaps ” Moslem Jihadists” would be a good term.

    Note that I never incorrectly spell ” Moslem” using an “I” and a “u”..,.

    Moslem is an authorized spelling in the dictionary which the Islamist do not want you or me to use because in their language such pronunciation means a dirty, slovenly, or decrepit person or thing.

    And that is PRECISELY why I choose to refer to them as MOSLEMs.

    Why would any free thinker allow others to dictate to him how he should refer to them ??

    Moslem jihadist…. yes, I think those two words accurately describe the Scourage being brought upon the world by that Seventh Century political cult ….!!

  2. Average Joe says:

    Who knows, maybe if we stop importing them and stop bombing them we can at least cut back on the threat.

    I mean if you went half way across town, repeatedly, kept hitting the occupant and his kids with a bat, then moved him into your neighborhood but kept going to his family’s house and hitting them with the bat, he might actually attack you or your family, right?

    Average Joe

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