A Personal Letter to Stressed Out Preppers Who Are TIRED of This Apocalypse

Dear Friends:

2020 has certainly been quite a year so far, and a defining one for the preparedness movement. No longer are our stockpiles of rice, beans, and hand sanitizer objects that make us strange. Our stashes of TP would make us the envy of the neighborhood if, of course, anybody knew we had it.

So many of the things and beliefs that made us figures of mockery in the past are now proving their value. We’re learning, with a mixture of relief and perhaps dismay, that we weren’t so crazy after all.

When the first lockdown began, we weren’t out there emptying the shelves in the frenzied throng (even though we’re the ones who got blamed for it.) We were watchful but for the most part, comfortable with our preparations. We understood before things went sideways that extended events can result in civil unrest, crime sprees, and chaos. We realized that we could be facing shortages.

And then time went on.

And on.

And on.

This has been a year in which so many things have occurred that proved preppers have things right that it’s positively exhausting. We’ve had a pandemic, civil unrest, food shortages, increases in crime, exorbitant unemployment, and we’re facing an economic collapse, or at the very least, an economic crisis.

And we’re tired.

Maybe everyone doesn’t feel this way. Maybe you’re perfectly fine and you live on your back 40 and have been completely untouched by any of the above-mentioned crises. Maybe your finances are just fine, you never got out much anyway, and you’ve still got 8 years’ worth of food socked away to supplement the things you grow. Maybe you’re reading this as you spin goat hair into yarn from which you’ll make this year’s mittens. Maybe you have no relatives, friends, or loved ones in the path of danger. Maybe your area isn’t prone to a single natural disaster.

If this is the case, I salute you. I really do. Good for you.

But for most of us, this is not the case. A lot of us are tired.

And I mean tired.

I’m sure there will be plenty of folks in the comments who say, “Daisy Luther is such a whiner” but whatever. I’m just going to come right out and tell you how I feel about this.

This year has been difficult.

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6 Responses to A Personal Letter to Stressed Out Preppers Who Are TIRED of This Apocalypse

  1. DRenegade says:

    Read the whole article and remember that this is a “regular” man who is writing this letter. More people know what is coming than what we are being “told”. More people will fight for righteousness than tyranny. Why do you think they are restricting the sale of ammunition?

    • Gryphon says:

      DR -- On what basis do you say that “…they are restricting the sale of ammunition?”
      I’ve seen others make similar comments, but none of the 3 FFL Dealers I know have had any answer to that question, and their Shelves are mostly Empty.

      I Seriously Doubt that the ‘government’ would have any ability to interfere with the Production and Distribution of Ammunition without that becoming Public, quickly and obviously.

      • DRenegade says:

        I am an FFL dealer also. Our distributors are not receiving any inventory from the manufacturers except for a few boxes (not cases). I looked into PMC and they are a vertical manufacturer in South Korea. This means they do mining through distribution of the finished ammunition. Who would have the ability to restrict distribution of ammunition to distributors?

        • da says:

          There are ways to restrict buying ammo by making it a pain in the ass to receive it also.BOA denied my debit card purchase of ammo last week three times finally texting me that they were concerned about my bank acct. security and wanted to make sure it was me using the card.I texted back it was and after convincing them of my ID they said to go ahead that the card was good again.It wasn’t and I texted them so.I got a number back to call and when I did the worker said they just wanted to make sure it was me and asked me to confirm my last three purchases which two of them were monthly buys that have been ongoing for years.When I asked if it were because this purchase was ammunition she would not answer me so then I lost my temper.I explained that they did not have my permission to limit my purchases to items they deemed appropriate,that these items were still legal for me to buy in the USA and if it ever happened again I would be calling a lawyer.Still silence on the other end of the phone line so I hung up.The purchase then went through.
          FF to delivery day from FedEx. who delivers to me along with UPS several times a month.They said they couldn’t find my address for three attempts and would be returning my package to the sender.Again I went ballistic and set it up to try once more and I would be sitting at my mailbox to receive the package and gave them them my number to call when they got on my road.I got it that fourth attempt.
          Think that’s all coincidental?
          Second package of ammo due to be delivered by UPS this past Monday.Same deal,can’t seem to find my address and today is Thurs.Same deal I called and asked them why it was that they had so much trouble with this package seeing in the mean time I recieved another package in my mailbox,also from UPS yesterday.I am sitting here now waiting on a call from their driver so I can meet them at the mailbox to get my package.
          So all the stops are being pulled out now.They have a game plan to make these type purchases as inconvenient as possible.Im wondering if anyone else on here is having these issues?

  2. Jim Wiseman says:

    When most people think of the s***t hitting the fan, they think of some sudden, cataclysmic event. This is more like drops of diarrhea being dripped into the fan.

  3. Gryphon says:

    Author has a Short Attention Span. The Chaotic Decline and Fall of an Empire is a slow Process, not an Event. You don’t just wake up one morning and find the whole World has gone “Mad Max”.

    Although, tell me why that wouldn’t be Good?

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