A Plea from Bob “Who Are You” Etheridge

Bob Etheridge For Governor


Yesterday, I formally filed for the office of Governor for our great state.  I seek this office not out of personal ambition or ideological agenda.  I seek this office because I love North Carolina, and we face a crossroads in 2012.  Mayor McCrory and the Republican legislature have shown us their ideological agenda: slashed education budgets, massive teacher layoffs and turning back the clock.

I have always believed that public education is the key that unlocks our future. Great schools, great community colleges, and great universities form a sound economic policy that will produce new jobs and opportunities for our state.

As I run for Governor, my platform will emphasize the enduring strength of our public schools, our community colleges and our universities. I believe that putting the best teachers and professors in our classrooms will challenge the minds of the next generation and provide new skills for those who are looking for work today.

As the former superintendent of  North Carolina’s public schools and a Member of Congress, my life’s work has been to improve our public schools and to create more opportunities for our children.  I can see that our schools need leadership today. I will provide that leadership with innovation and energy.  Our economy today and future generations depend on a sound public education system that produces a labor force that can compete with any nation in the world.

Stand with me and help move this state forward in the right direction.

Please join me at our Campaign Kickoff this Saturday.
Bob Etheridge Campaign Kickoff

Saturday, March 3rd at 8am
2911 Harnett Central Rd
Angier, NC 27501

I need your voice and your support.  You can help right now by making a contribution to this campaign.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you Saturday and on the campaign trail


Bob Etheridge

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  1. Screw you, Etheridge and I hope I am never so unfortunate to ever be in the same room with you. Loser and you will be again.

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