A Question that Needs to be Answered

This is a Question that needs to be Answered.

What Happens When Nothing Happens?
It’s all out there slapping us in the face everyday. The Rule of Law is Dead. The coup attempt was foiled because the communist didn’t cheat well enough to counter our votes. That won’t happen again. The midterms showed they are working on and perfecting their election rigging.
Socialism/Communism is here. They are no longer hiding. They openly serve in our Government. The Democrat party is no longer a political party. They are an Occult or Religion of Communism.
The Communist are going to pull out all stops to ensure victory in 2020. But quite honestly, Voting is useless. Donald Trump has been in the Whitehouse for over Two years now and the Republicans had total control of Congress for Two Years. Was the Rule of Law Restored? Were people held accountable for their crimes? I keep hearing oh it’s coming it’s going to happen, Hillary, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Page, Strzok etc. will be arrested any day now. They have to, the evidence is out there plain as day.
I just laugh. It’s never going to happen. Once it didn’t happen in those first few months of the people we elected, having total control, I knew it was not going to happen. We have a multi-tiered justice system. That’s not a good thing.
It comes back to that old quote by Edmund Burke “All that is Required for Evil to Triumph is for Good Men to do Nothing.”
Well Gentlemen we are doing Nothing.
Preparing? Well you can only prepare so much.
We all have much to Risk. We all have tough decisions to make. You best get your minds right. The time for making the tough Decisions is here.
Evil is here. It is out in the open.
What Happens when Nothing Happens?

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3 Responses to A Question that Needs to be Answered

  1. David says:

    George Washington once said that the time to petition the British empire for grievances is over. The same is true for us now in the United States. While I too am frustrated by the overthrow of the government by a so called “Deep State”, I have not yet given up all hope of justice. But make no mistake, this is our last, best hope for freedom with restoration.

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    Time enough. Consider Trump as maneuvering for position.

  3. Chris says:

    And let’s not forget the Whiskey Rebellion. The Rot has been around since the beginning, perpetrated by the founders themselves.

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