A Simple Question…

The question on everybody’s mind today should be why Sessions waited until the last possible minute to fire McCabe? Was (or is) the Deep State organizing a coup? The longer this fuse burns, the higher the likelihood for CW II.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to A Simple Question…

  1. Hans says:

    Perhaps the conclusion of a staring contest between Trump and Sessions … with Trump threatening “you either fire McCabe or I’ll fire both of you” … and Sessions blinked.

    Don’t know if this is fact … merely my hypothesis.

  2. Daniel Salmon says:

    Trump didn’t pressure Sessions to fire McCabe, the FBI did. They have lost face and are in dire need to purge their corruption. Comey should be the next to lose his pension and so on. But quite frankly, I believe all of this should lead to the indictment of Hillary Clinton. Because she is who all of this perjury and corruption was trying to protect. Until she is brought to justice (and I mean prison) all bets are off as far as this country being a nation of laws.

  3. libertyandlead2 says:

    I think that things are going on behind the scenes that we will not understand for years.

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