A Simple Way To Combat Coronavirus: Everyone Should Wear A Mask!

It’s amazing that people are still being chided for taking steps to protect themselves from the coronavirus, when anyone with eyes can see that the spread of the disease is fast overwhelming authorities’ ability to deal with it.

Regular people are being told not only that they don’t need masks, but that “masks don’t work”. Hospital workers are dangerously short on PPE and critical equipment like respirators. Nurses who have brought in their own masks to wear have been threatened with getting fired for doing so.

Why are we fighting smart prudent steps when we all share the common goal of minimizing covid-19’s impact on society? Why are we suppressing one of the single simplest, cheapest and most effective tactics we have in the war against this pandemic? We should be encouraging EVERYONE to wear a mask, of nearly any type.

A citizen DIY movement, not unlike the WW2 victory gardens, could and should be promoted, making millions of mask in short order for us all to wear — not to protect ourselves, but to keep the sick from infecting others. Seriously, if we all wear masks, wash our hands frequently and don’t touch our faces, our odds of making through this epidemic skyrocket. It’s an easy goal that’s right in our grasp.

It shouldn’t be this hard…

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5 Responses to A Simple Way To Combat Coronavirus: Everyone Should Wear A Mask!

  1. Thomas says:

    Every year, from November till April I was told to wear a mask to work at the Nursing home because I would not take their flu shot. This is CDC protocol.

    This is sabotage, plain and simple.

    • a follower says:

      Could this also all be in the plan from above? To see who we will follow?
      Should we stop helping those in need, as some now suggest?
      Or do we give aid in hope of navigating through these days? And yes would agree circumstances and how we are guided will dictate our responses.

  2. Roger Morris says:

    Just wash your hands after touching anything that YOU PERSONALLY DIDN’T WIPE DOWN WITH A DISINFECTANT WIPE. You’ll be okay

  3. Jim Wiseman says:

    I went by Harbor Freight today, and they had donated all their masks and rubber gloves to local hospitals. OK, I guess that makes sense. But what about the rest of us? If I wear a mask, I may not show up at the hospital.

    • David says:

      Let us never forget Dr. Redfield of the CDC testifying in front of Congress that we did not need masks. I still do not understand why there is still a shortage after a month of recognizing this shortfall. There are patterns on line for masks if you have material and a sewing machine. Also keep in mind that N95 masks are to prevent you from getting COVID-19. If you have it, you need a regular mask to stop its spread. Of course a N99 or biological mask is even better. Here is a link for 1 mask: https://www.filtersfast.com/p-RZ-Mask-M2-Black-Mesh-Mask.asp

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