A Succinct Analysis

I found this gem on WRSA:

Postcard from the End of America: Callowhill, Philadelphia

The title of my slide talk is “The Future is Asia.” Its main point, I have discussed in various essays, and it’s basically this: Nations that stress linguistic, cultural and/or ethnic unity will outlast those that don’t. Further, nations that shun their own heritage are as good as dead. For years, I have also stressed that the United States is ruled by a rootless, criminal cabal, and for pointing out something so obvious, I have had countless slurs hurled at me.

Whatever, man, I’m tired. As this ship sinks, wave that flag and snipe away!



I have written previously concerning the country’s success was its basis in unity. Note the past tense. Diversity replaced unity as the effective means to overthrow the Constitution. But that train left the station long ago with little fanfare. Celebrating unity in the United States today would be considered racist, fascist or whatever “ist” the media and assorted domestic enemies masquerading as “politicians” would label such an attempt.

I find it strange that the author of the “postcard” was about to give a talk to a progressive institution concerning the effects of “unity”. I was not surprised that he was born in Vietnam and escaped Communism. Everyone that I have met who has fled Communism has repeated the same refrain: “Why can’t Americans see that Communism is taking over the country?”

Did you notice the rest of his analysis: “As this ship sinks, wave that flag and snipe away!”. The country is divided into two camps: one supporting Trump Euphoria vs. one supporting evil. I cannot think of a better appellation than “evil” for half the country that has no respect for the rule of law, truth, lawfully elected government or the future of our children’s Liberty. That does not mean that I am swept up in Trump Euphoria. While I will commend his achievements in a short period of time, we will not survive based on the actions of one man. Our debt is still growing, our borders are not secure and I do not believe that we will be able to unify this country’s melting pot into one cohesive culture.

I will not snipe away my future. Plan, train, prep and educate yourself to possibly become a new framer of Liberty.

David DeGerolamo

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