A Summary of Lyin’ Lynda Bennett

$1M in Super PAC money floods Republican House race; Bennett accused of campaign finance violation

Joey Osborne Calls on Lynda Bennett to Drop Out of Congressional Race. http://www.haywoodtp.net/pubII/200225-JoeyOsbornePressRelease.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2A9-3YfwZTcDGb_8saFXr4VP75f03s9K3Fu-mxb2d72HezKd8uIYnZGdU

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North Carolina’s 11th District got a reprieve for the House of Representatives’ race. Let’s not waste it. When the Asheville TEA party actually had some integrity, they sponsored candidate debates in order to make informed decisions. I strongly suggest a debate be held and I also strongly suggest we find out why Mark Meadows stepped down.

As for the Never Trump issue, I really do not care. There is more than enough evidence to show her true character regardless of the tape’s interpretation. If Lyin’ Lynda’s character is exposed, I have not doubt that she would lose to the Democrat candidate.

David DeGerolamo

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