A Trigger?

Brunswick police identified the 17-year-old suspect as De’Marquise Kareem Elkins

I received an email today concerning the story of the murder of a baby that suggested that it may be a trigger. I know it is a tragedy but I don’t feel it will be a trigger: the media will gloss over or spin it in such a way that it will be buried within a few weeks. And that is another tragedy. I do not write this article to incite or divide. I pray that justice is served but when this book is closed, how will we comprehend this senseless murder?

How do we comprehend the lack of coverage of this national pandemic? Do you know the homicide rate in Chicago in 2012? 506. More than 1 a day. Another national tragedy that is glossed over. Like Detroit, Philadelphia and New York. Time for prayer.

David DeGerolamo

Two teen suspects arrested in shooting death of Georgia baby

Two teenage suspects were arrested in a small coastal Georgia city a day after a baby was killed and his mom shot, authorities said Friday.

“He [De’Marquise Kareem Elkins] said, ‘I’m gonna kill you if you don’t give me your money,’ and I said, ‘I swear I don’t have any,'” she told WAWS-TV of the encounter.

She said they wouldn’t accept no for an answer.

“He says, ‘Well, I’m gonna kill your baby,'” she told WAWS-TV, crying. “I put my arms over my baby and he shoves me. And then he shot my baby right in the head.”


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