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Representatives from Freedomworks and The North Carolina Budget and Tax Center offered opposing viewpoints concerning HB 188 – The Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights at the Judiciary Subcommittee A hearing on May 25, 2011.


As outlined in an earlier article, North Carolina is not Colorado and the comparisons made by both Mr. McLenaghan and Ms. Albeidinger to Colorado’s economic decline are disingenuous. Although Mr. McLenaghan does represent “The North Carolina Budget and Tax Center”, he declined to point out that this is just another tentacle of the North Carolina Justice Center.

His biographical information is from a direct link on their site:

Edwin McLenaghan joined the NC Budget and Tax Center in July 2010 as a Public Policy Analyst. Edwin came to the NC Justice Center after serving in the US Peace Corps…


I wonder how many of “the 100 organizations representing millions of North Carolinians” who oppose this legislation as he states in the video are valid standalone entities. Or are they front groups with names that appear to be benign but in fact offer a state sponsored future as the solution to get us out of “the Great Recession” as stated in the video?

Their own list leaves off NC Policy Watch:

The North Carolina Justice Center is the state’s leading progressive advocacy and research organization. Our mission is to end poverty in North Carolina by ensuring that every household has access to the resources, services and fair treatment it needs to achieve economic security.

The Justice Center works to improve the lives of low- and moderate-income North Carolinians through five main strategies:

  • Litigation of cases that will have widespread impact on public policy and protections
  • Analysis of current public policies and research on alternatives that will reduce poverty
  • Advocacy for policy changes that will benefit disadvantaged communities
  • Community Education that empowers individuals and groups to pursue change
  • Communication that influences state leaders and shapes public opinion

The Justice Center is home to a number of well-known specialized projects, including the NC Budget & Tax Center, the NC Health Access Coalition, the Immigrants Legal Assistance Project, the Poverty Law Litigation Project, and the Education & Law Project.

The road to serfdom is always paved with the promise of a brighter future. If the people want to go down this path, at least understand who is leading you instead of being Lenin’s “useful idiots”.

David DeGerolamo

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