Adam Kokesh: False Flag, Agitator or Patriot?


“The value is in the message, not the messenger … h/t Hans”

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7 Responses to Adam Kokesh: False Flag, Agitator or Patriot?

  1. tmedlin says:

    oh, please. he’s not doing shit and neither is anybody else

    • David Forward says:

      Amen! A lot of posturing and boastful expressions of patriotic actions against our very corrupt and tyrannical government, all done with anonymity from wannabe liberty warriors. All talk, no walk…talk about shifting lines in the sand.

  2. Rich says:

    i will post if i can find -- this guy was a long time Obama supporter

  3. tmedlin says:

    yes, Rich -- we know that…and worse…I wish there was some way to find out if he’s still on Putin’s payroll- but it doesn’t really matter. There are those that have no intention, EVER, or researching him, or anything else, for that matter. Sometimes I think we are no better than the Germans, who sat by and watched their government because the face of tyranny

    • David Forward says:

      Hell, the Germans didn’t just sit back and watch their government plunge ever deeper into totalitarian socialism, they cheered it on and cooperated whenever and however possible for both “security” and “patriotic duty.” We’re just watching a rerun, or the “in living color” sequel in the transformation of the United Socialist States of Amerika (formerly known as United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave).

      For the most part modern Amerika doesn’t want freedom. The are comfortable with their little tin gods, the self anointed intellectual governing elites who promise to eliminate all risk from their life, pat them lovingly on the head, shower them with “free” gifts, tuck them into bed while checking under the bed for any imagined bogeymen, and promise them that everything will be alright when they wake up in the morning.

      For all of this promised loving care the masses worship their leaders believing they alone will be the salvation of a troubled nation. They are so blinded by the appearance of mutual adoration (in reality it’s only one way -- to, not from the elites) and worshiping their elected and bureaucratic leaders they are blinded to the fact that they have been deceived and enslaved.

  4. Hans says:

    The following criticism was penned by “OUROS” and forwarded to me by a colleague via private email:

    Discernment to know the difference between choices of good and evil, is
    a gift from God to HIS faithful.

    Hans needs to study the Old and New Testament bible, and learn to TRUST
    only the words he reads there, and not to heed the words of a double
    agent provacateur. Why was he allowed to walk around DC with a loaded
    weapon, talk to numerous staged journalists, and NOT get arrested?

    Anyone else, would have been picked up in 10 seconds by the feds.
    So, the feds allowed him to walk, talk, and give interviews?
    Yep, and not because they felt charitable that day. He is paid to
    attract, draw the naive to him, and make their jobs much easier to
    id and round up dissident trouble makers.

    My response to “OUROS” (sent return email through the same colleague):

    Interesting … “ouros” … believes himself to be a watcher (Greek) … and not a misspelling of Aurum (Latin, gold) …

    You may tell “ouros” that our time for “watching” is drawing to a close. I am a participant in events and have little regard for those who snipe from the safety of a spectators’ seat.

    “Ouros” makes an assumption that Kokesh was actually at the physical location that appears in the video. He could as easily manufactured the ‘theater’ using green-screen video superposition used for news and weather.

    Regardless of how the video was produced or the potential collusion with FedGov as alleged by “ouros”, the message is valid for all who make the transition from “watcher” to active engagement in the struggle to restore Rightful Liberty to this soil:

    “We will not be silent,
    we will not obey,
    we will not allow our government to destroy our humanity.
    We are, the final, American, revolution.
    See you next Independence Day,”

    You may also tell “ouros” that I have recently re-read the Old Testament and am working my way through the New Testament again. In my reading, I find nothing to dissuade me from walking the path of Locke, Jefferson, Bastiat, and even Spooner.

    I cannot certify whether Kokesh has an ounce of “sacred honor” in his soul, but I can respect his willingness to expose his beliefs and person to public scrutiny and challenge.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see similar acts of courage from our RINO’s, Republicans, or even Tea Party patriots ???


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