After Watching the Convention, We Must Focus on Nullification

Watching the coverage and in this case of the rule changes and the treatment of Ron Paul Delegates, I am even more convinced that we will not find relief from the unconstitutional actions coming out of Washington, DC. We all know that in recent years the Conventions have become nothing more than a Coronation process for the party candidate and not really a convention where ideas and candidates vie for delegate votes. What we are witnessing is the party establishment asserting complete control to make sure that no one opposes the party establishment and if that means violating their own rules then that is exactly what they will do. I was hoping for better but I should have known that a party that has violated the Constitution on numerous occasions would not hesitate to violate a few party rules if that was all that was standing in their way. 

Okay, now what? Well, looking at comments across Facebook and YouTube there are many and I mean many of angry and frustrated citizens/voters who are either tuning out of politics altogether or will change their party affiliation, I can understand the feeling but we can not let this opportunity slip away from us, we must reach out to them, we can not let the establishment win. Let’s face facts we are only kidding ourselves if we think we can change the federal government by electing a few new “conservatives”; it is not going to happen. If we can not control our own state party apparatus how in the world could we ever hope to change the national party apparatus, we must make people understand the answer is local not national. 

What I see coming is more of the same big government with no limits, granted it will be smaller by degrees but not small limited government, many people will go back to sleep and think that the crisis is averted. If the Republic can be saved it will not be from the top it will be from the bottom the states, that is where the movement must be for Constitutional government. We need to make sure that we pull together all the committed Liberty people and organize them at the local level, really take over the precincts, the counties and then state conventions. Make sure that no mater what they do at the national level we as a state will have the political fortitude to stand up and say NO!   

NULLIFICATION must become the watch word, NO candidate for state office should receive any support or votes if they are not prepared to stand up to the federal government when it exceeds the Constitution! 

The Constitution; Every Issue, Every Time, No Exceptions, No Excuses! 

William Kennedy

State Director
North Carolina Tenth Amendment Center

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