Agendas of deception – Doug Hagmann

The obvious threat posed by North Korea is actually an intentional diversion orchestrated to take our eyes away from other events. Although it does not lessen its potential impact, it skews our perspective of how it fits within the bigger picture. The threatening missiles are a highly effective visual distraction from the less visible action taking place behind the scenes and elsewhere, particularly in places we are not meant to look. Remember, we must often step back from the larger picture to see the smaller, hidden images. For accurate perspective here, it seems that we need a view from space.

There are many analysts who are pushing the agenda that North Korea is simply acting up again, seeking attention and recognition as a nuclear power, with an immature leader straight from the casting list of the cult film Team America. Others, meanwhile, are insisting that the current threat is much different than the former threats. I agree with the latter, but not for the reasons we’re being told. The truth about the current actions of North Korea will not be provided by mind-numbing, teleprompter-reading newscasters or by the standard stable of “old-guard” analysts engaged in round table discussions in the techno-glitz studios of New York or Washington. No, for they have sold themselves out for the promise of a seat at the globalists table.

The reason is not that we can’t handle the truth, but because the truth would expose a network of lies and liars who are engaged in a massive realignment of power, redistribution of wealth, and the intended enslavement of you, me, our children and grandchildren. We are watching the birth of the “new world order” so many have talked about for so long, only to be mocked and marginalized by its creators.

At this point, the logical questions would be to ask is what is actually going on with North Korea, and exactly where, within this mosaic of lies and diversion it all fits together. The answers are troubling as they expose the true agenda you are not supposed to see.


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