Alan Kay and Chris Weatherman – The Next Civil War

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5 Responses to Alan Kay and Chris Weatherman – The Next Civil War

  1. Smitty says:

    Due to the wide spread nature of the war it will be a revolution not a civil war.

  2. i would like to see the country as a loose confederation of independent areas-- the South, the southwest, et cetera.
    open borders between areas for trade, for example.
    it should be possible to do it without too much blood shed.
    i hope that God’s will prevails and people resist the devil and his blandishments.
    i ask God to get rid of politicians and put His own men in the government.
    gotta pray, and God will help us.

    • Phil says:

      what we dont want in our southern states any more is Northerners and pigs from the West Coast and the filth they bring. i can speak from the heart about this since I am a Northerner and have relocated almost twenty years ago, There has to come a point the doors must close to these folks because all they come here for is the cheap taxes and lower cost of living, but many of them bring there filthy marxist politics with them. this breed must be returned to the Northern States. If not nothing will ever change. as for the Southerners who continue to act like Northerners, which by the way I see them as, this bunch must be kicked out of the states also, they only breed more death and destruction to there own states.

    • John Thisell says:

      Kinda sorta like it was in Pre-1860 America. Then along came that tyrant Lincoln trying to keep States against their will because the loss of tax revenue would kill the budget. And later he lied and said the reason for the invasion of the CSA was to eradicate slavery. Government officials never change much.

  3. Brian says:

    To remind everyone, a “civil war” is a war in which there are two factions fighting for control of one government. The War of Northern Aggression was not a civil war, as the south and most of the leadership fought for independence. A quick look at the official seal of the Confederate States of America should reinforce that idea.

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