Alan Kay: Bugout Bag

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National Geographic – all maps

Appalachian Trail maps


Ultralight Silnyon Tarp 8'x10'

Ultralight Silnyon Tarp 8’x10′

This tarp is a super light tarp, that is huge for its size- a full 8’x10′ that allows lots of roomy shelter configurations. If you are looking for the same tarp Alan Kay carries in his kit that he got from us, this is it.

8’x10′ finished size

Includes stuff sack, packs up to size of a canteen Weight – 16 oz. 3500mm Hydrostatic head. Dimensions – 8′ X 10′. Grommet tie outs – 12. Center ridgeline seam. Webbing tie out in center of ridgeline. All tie out points reinforced. Includes matching stuff sack.

Made in the USA- Keeping jobs here where our customers work and live!


Improved Military Poncho Gen 2- MILSPEC Version- Made in USA!

Improved Military Poncho Gen 2- MILSPEC Version- Made in USA!

We set out to build the worlds best poncho- and we did. Nobody else sells this, it is our exclusive item. You will not find a better constructed, better designed or more rugged poncho anywhere in the world- period.

We had been selling a really nice poncho from an American maker, and when they quit we decided that it was time to take matters into our own hands make the best poncho ever.

So, we did. This poncho is made to the size specs of the US type II poncho at 60″x82″ from a rugged 70 denier ripstop nylon with a waterproof coating. The material is MILSPEC material that meets all specs including for night visions/IR visibility.

We used brass spur grommets instead of the weaker washer grommets found on a MILSPEC unit. They grip harder and are less likely to ever come loose.


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7 Responses to Alan Kay: Bugout Bag

  1. Doug Shetron says:

    Where would one buy the indestructible maps he uses?

  2. Old Grouch says:

    For those looking for the tarps, we now have them available on our website at

    And the ponchos are available at:

    All made in the USA!

  3. ytz4mee says:

    Thanks for posting. I enjoyed watching his video presentation.

  4. Doug Shetron says:

    Thanks to Alan for the seminar, David for the links, recording and posting and Old “Grouchy” for the links. Very informative.

  5. Josh says:

    What is the name of the sling bag Alan is using?

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