Alert: Tea Party Crashes Stock Market – Flees to Gold

Patriots standing up for our country have been relentlessly attacked by our government, media and liberals. When presented with facts, these attacks in the past have been deflected by the old political correctness retort: the Tea Party is racist. Now that this is no longer effective, we are now called “terrorists“.

As the stock market crash foreshadows the upcoming economic collapse, our politicians are recessed until after Labor Day after their debt ceiling legislation became the catalyst for this consequence. The following chart shows the decline of the Dow Jones Industrials compared with the rise of gold. This is a direct result of economic terrorism by the Tea Party to destroy the country by fleeing to gold.

Of course this analogy to terrorism is “tongue-in-cheek”,  but I wonder how King George and Parliament referred to our Revolutionary founding fathers? Of course, they referred to the Revolution as the Presbyterian War. Imagine what would happen if the church stood up for natural law as they did in 1775.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to Alert: Tea Party Crashes Stock Market – Flees to Gold

  1. Hans says:

    NOON NEWS -- Progressive Edition:

    “Evil capitalists sell gold and silver, take profits and buy back into depressed markets.”

    … ummm … just a minute …

    Didn’t the liberal pundits want us to get rid of the anachronistic “yellow metal” and “invest in the future of America” ?

    Lookee here -- we’ve done both and they still aren’t happy !

    • Dee says:

      Woah, just wait a minute here. The actions of reckless Tea Partiers and Republicans attempting to make Obama and Democrats look bad saw America’s credit rating downgraded from AAA to AA for the first time since it was granted in 1917 and a 5.5% drop in the Dow Jones, both substantially worrying events. Furthermore it also allowed those with stocks in gold (stocks which the Tea Party for one have numerously and notoriously boasted they have many shares in) to see large gains and the ability to keep those gains by furthering the instability of the financial market and adding to the worsening economic climate which deters investment.
      Crashing the stock market for pure gain in gold and without investment, which is exactly what the Tea Partiers and Republicans have done, is not “investing in the future of America”. It’s plain and simple investing into the pockets of people who’s pockets are already quite full yet have shown no signs of re-investing it back to stocks, sectors, or in any ways that would help to get us out of this economic mess that we’re in.
      Purposely crashing the stock market for monetary gain for just a select few; yeah I’d call that an act of American terrorism.

      • admin says:

        Your comprehension of the intent of the article is on the same level as your comprehension of economics.

  2. Hal (GT) says:

    Glad to see your analogy is tongue-in-cheek. When I saw the headline in my feed I was a bit perplexed.

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