America Is Starting to Lose Again

America is tired of election fraud. But not tired enough to fight it. This last election validates an unwelcome truth. People do not want to make America great again: they want to make it Communist. Ignorance of Communist consequences will catch up to them. Ignorance always has a way to ruin a good thing. As does genocide.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to America Is Starting to Lose Again

  1. Bill says:

    what we are witnessing with these evil sadistic filthy vile democrats is they are all demonically possessed. These are the people that are numbered with 666, and all of them are satans children. God has instructed us to have nothing to do with them what so ever because there wickedness has reached the heavens and there days are numbered. there wickedness is now on full display and they have come out of the closet and no longer hiding what they are and what there true intentions are for our nation. every democrat must be arrested by going thru every voter registration card in every state and all must be eliminated , women, children, etc., just like the Israelite’s did when God instructed them to do so. this wickedness is spreading like a cancer and until we as men of God stand up to it and crush it under our feet, it will continue to infect everyone and they wont stop until all Conservatives, Christians and decent people are brutally murdered

    • a follower says:

      So every one who is a registered democrat are # with 666? Every single one of them men,women and their children? And most likely the children they are yet to have, am i right?
      Come on man. How would that be any different than the True enemy we face?

      And “America is starting to loose again?”
      well i guess you should not have swallowed the bait that we were once again “Winning.”
      The show continues.

  2. Bill says:

    can you name me one thing the demonrats agree with concerning morals or ethical issues, let me answer this for you since your understanding of this party is zilch. they disagree with everything that is moral , ethical and right and the entire party including all who belong to it are AMORAL, got that, AMORAL. you cant name one single item they the represent that is wholesome and good, and how could they are all BOLSHEVIK communists.. I cant even believe you could sate such dribble. Go do your homework of the 25 party planks these demons represent then come back to me with a sane response. Man, i cant believe there are people like you still believing the lies and deceit. And yes including there children especially when they are all being trained in deceit, hate and lies.

    • lon haney says:

      You are talking about all those registered to vote as democrats, and their children?
      So we as fine upstanding “Christians” should be have much like the radical islamist and just kill them all?
      And you believe God wants this?
      And You can’t believe me?

  3. Bill says:

    i will try one more time with you, Our Lord states in his holy word we are to have nothing to do with the works of darkness and this is my point , the democratic party are performing very evil works of darkness for there god satan. The children of God are not,and I repeat not to mingle with them but only to bring the gospel to a lost and dying world, these our aims, the lord states what does light have to do with darkness, as well instructing us to abstain from all appearances of evil, so you tell me what democrat along with some rino republicrtas abstain from these acts of evil. Can you name me one honest democrat who plays by Gods rule Book ( The Holy Scriptures ), heck the works of darkness our in our own families which we have to rebuke from time to time, and he instructs us not to give ear to them and have nothing to do with them. I can go on and give you chapter/Verse of scripture if you want me to, but I believe it wont help you if you are stiff necked and have closed eyes and ears, and if so then there is not much more i cannot relate you. the Lord says in the last days many will be deceived and many deceivers have come into the world, so what we are witnessing is this deception occurring right before our very eyes. Pray that you might be worthy to escape all that is coming on the world and is here already, because we all are going to need Gods protection.
    God tells us the number of a man is 666 which is satans number and his people are sealed with this so, 666 divided by 3 equals 2/3, so 2/3 of the worlds population from Adam up until this present day wil be cast into into hell fire, now my question to you is what percentage would you want to be with at Gods return. very simplistic and not complicated. As per Joshua when he stood before the Israelite and told them straight up and down, For me and my house we will serve the Lord. i wouldn’t want to be in the 1/3 camp, woudnt you.

    • a follower says:

      Yes i agree with much of your last statements.
      Does He also tell us not to murder?
      i do not need to join them to expose them. i also do not have to murder them. i believe in the end they will destroy them selves.
      Now yes if they come after me i will return fire. And yes i can see how you may think they are coming after you,but lets get real here.
      God will turn many against each other also. They will destroy each other. i do not believe the elect will be among this group.
      i do not believe Gods’s people His children, His Bride, the True Church will be calling for the Annihilation of groups based on their political preference, skin color , gender or (you name it.)
      We must remember a remnant is not a majority, God’s people will go through many sufferings.
      You seem primarily focused on the democrats, Why? The republicans have also been a part of ‘all’ of this throughout.

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