America: The Rule of Law Has Been Overthrown

Aftermath of the New Orleans Lynch Mob

The rule of law and morality are the basis of a free republic. Our Constitutional republic has lost both. As more information comes out about the death of Trayvon Martin, a correlation between this tragedy and the Duke Lacrosse players’ rape is becoming apparent and shows us that we have not learned from our mistakes:

1. Both incidents are racial and have become national news.

2. The Department of Justice is investigating a state matter without reviewing the evidence. The Durham district attorney Mike Nifong did not review the evidence.

3. The media has convicted the alleged perpetrators in the press to sensationalize tragedies for profit.

4. The group of 88 professors at Duke University who condemned the players would not apologize for their letter or their actions. The Black Panther Party has issued a bounty on a private US citizen:

The New Black Panther Party announced on Saturday it was offering a $10,000 bounty for Zimmerman.

“We will reward that individual or group of people who take George Zimmerman into custody and we will deliver him to the authorities. They would be better off holding him than letting him out on the street because there is an angry mindset among black people,” said Mikhail Muhammad of the New Black Panther Party, a black political organization that takes its name from the radical movement of the 1960s.

Since when are bounties issued on free people in the United States? Are not people presumed innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers? Isn’t the district attorney responsible for filing charges against an individual when the evidence warrants it instead of people who have become a lynch mob? Since when does an American citizen have to hide in fear based on personal threats to his safety? Since when is an American thrown out of college without cause?  It is a sad day for America to see anarchy and racially motivated actions destroy the rule of law. And it is a sad day to see law abiding Americans roll over and succumb to tyranny.

There is one point that has no correlation between the two cases: George Bush did not use the office of the president to incite the emotions and actions of the people as Obama has done in this case.

Two more points to be made in this racially divided country: George Zimmerman is Hispanic and the people who want to lynch him without trial are merely racists as shown from this excerpt from

The largest single lynching incident in America’s history was the lynching of 11 Italian-Americans in New Orleans in 1892. This incident was popularized in the HBO movie, Vendetta. After the Civil War, it was done as a means of “justice” and carried out by a mob, usually against minorities.

If a Republican is elected president in November, one of his first duties upon being sworn in should be to arrest Eric Holder for his support of Black Radicals who committed voter intimidation and have now placed a bounty on a man who has not been accused of any crime.

David DeGerolamo

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