And Now a Word From Delusional Democrats

Seema Nanda hits ground running at DNC, focusing on turning red to blue

Donald Trump just shut down the federal government — all because he is dead set on getting $5 billion to fund his border wall.

Like many of you, I am sick and tired of Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s petulance. Holding the government hostage and actively harming the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of American families before the holidays isn’t just inhumane — it’s a cowardly way of avoiding real solutions for our immigration system, it’s destructive to our economy, and it costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in lost productivity.

This is not how our government should operate, but we can fix it by making Donald Trump a one-term president. That work starts now, so I’m asking:

Add your name right now to demand an end to Trump’s irresponsible government shutdown and join a powerful group of Democrats to hold him accountable.

We can bring an end to this madness — but only if we work together.

Thanks for standing with Democrats.


Seema Nanda
Chief Executive Officer
Democratic National Committee

P.S. Donald Trump just shut down the government over funding for his border wall. While Trump continues to make reckless decisions that harm American families, we must do everything in our power to make him a one-term president. Add your name right now to stand with Democrats in demanding an end to Trump’s government shutdown.


I corrected the links.

David DeGerolamo

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6 Responses to And Now a Word From Delusional Democrats

  1. Larry Morse says:

    I’d like to thank this loon for reminding me to vote for President Trump…as if I needed a reminder.

  2. kathy says:

    Why did you publish this on what I thought was a conservative website?

  3. Exring says:

    Kathy, well put! I have wondered what the bend is for some of the blogs I read. I have noted that there seems to be a preponderance of Attorneys that say anything but are Socialists/Communists (Democrats). I wish it were otherwise.

  4. William Sterrett says:

    Know thy enemy

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