And So It Starts

It appears that a large majority people do not understand the consequences of a pandemic. No need to spend time trying to instill sapience in people. Let’s make it simple: the world’s supply chain is broken and the bankrupt fiat money system is coming to an end. See here for an article on how COVID-19 will lead to a return to a gold and silver standard.

This upcoming week will show how fragile our just in time inventory system is.

As an example:

TruPrep Inventory Status Update

If you have been by the store lately, you may have noticed our stock of food and protective gear (masks, etc) have been getting very low.  Due to Coronavirus concerns, we have had a run on food and items like masks and suits.  We have recently restocked both fully this week, but they are already running low again.  While we have standing orders for food in the pipeline and will restock regularly, we don’t expect to be able to obtain any more protective gear once what we have on hand runs out.  All of our normal suppliers of protective gear are currently out and we are told it will be at least 3 months before we are able to restock once our current supply runs out. 

What will you do when the banks close as shown above in China? What will you do when the people realize the supply chain is broken and the shelves are emptied overnight? What will you do when your employer lays you off because they have nothing to sell, serve or no market since the monetary system is locked up?

We are facing a brave new world. How we cope and adapt to this new paradigm will measure our faith in the Lord’s plan for us.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to And So It Starts

  1. Joan Thomas says:

    Check out the China Uncensored channel about WHO on YouTube. Stumbled across it this morning.

  2. a follower says:

    I’m upping my game:I am stocking up….What are you doing?
    26,844 views•Feb 13, 2020

  3. 15Fixer says:

    David, thank you for your work keeping us informed. No one person can read everything, so you do us a great service by posting what you read thru. Thank you!!!

    • David says:

      You are welcome. Chris Martenson’s daily videos are a great source of information. My degree and advanced studies in Bioinformatics helps me understand the science.

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