And The Drum Beats On…

We are entering what Sun Tzu called “death ground”.
The place where wise generals dread to fight, and where the consequences for the loser are permanent.

There will be no retrograde, no feint, no headlong retreat.
We are heading into the civilizational Thunderdome:
Two men enter, one man leaves.

And the man who leaves will not be the same one who entered, when the contest is all over.

Steel your hearts now to what’s coming. Savor the sights and sounds and smells of what is and what was in your lifetime, that some among you may someday convey them to generations unmarked by what is to transpire, that they might by some means restore and someday surpass the things which daily become but fond memories.

Anywhere from a week to a generation from now, the relentless drumbeat of idiocy that cannot abide free men going about their days, and must control every waking moment, every word that escapes their lips, every thought that flits through their minds, and ultimately, every beating of their lifeblood, will be satiated with nothing less than victory, or a bayonet to the heart.

They think they want the conflict they would foment.

And they’ve abandoned any moorings of reason, logic, self-interest, or common sense, and any boundaries of decent or morally-bounded behavior to accomplish their nightmare of ultimate total control of all, by their chosen few, whom they assure us are oh-so-very-much-smarter than we Deplorables.

Stock your larders. Sharpen your weapons. Fortify your walls. And gather your friends.
The hard-hearted ones. The ones who can deal with adversity. The ones who can laugh in the darkest days, and push on through the darkest nights.

Crybabies and mama’s boys may die as well as any other, but they waste resources, and bring nothing of value.

What’s going to come, eventually, is going to be a problem for two types of people:
Those who have no idea of what’s coming.
And those who do.


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2 Responses to And The Drum Beats On…

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    My synopsis of this excellent admonition:

    1. Get right with your Creator and draw those you love near.

    2. Life will ratchet down with hunger being an ever present companion, or if you are somewhat prepared, a nearby neighbor.

    3. Nothing you plan to do will be easy or always possible to carry out.

    4. Join with like-minded patriots because if you are not in a gang, the gangs will devour you.

    5. Unless you have made and reinforced close friendships with like-minded leaders in neighboring racial groups, everything will go tribal instantaneously.

    6. You never have too much ammo, too much toilet paper, or freeze dried food.

    7. As Bracken says, expect a civil war that will be like “Rwanda times Kosovo”.

    8. Steel yourselves because you will have to kill others mercilessly in order to survive.

    9. The Bad Times will not be over until those left standing all have the same belief systems.

    10. Your children and grandchildren will have to continue the fight and die if your “side’ loses.

    11. Disease and injury will kill many more than combat.

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