And Why Does England Have to Protect Christmas?

Britain’s Christmas markets will surrounded by a ring of a steel with armed police on patrol and metal detectors at entrances as security is raised over new terror fears.

There will be concrete barriers, stop and search checks and officers on the ground at the popular festive events in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh and Bath in the run up to Christmas.

The precautions are being taken after the Local Government Association warned councils to be vigilant this year with the terror threat level to the UK currently at ‘severe’ – meaning an incident is ‘highly likely’.


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2 Responses to And Why Does England Have to Protect Christmas?

  1. Average Joe says:

    Ah yes, the “strength” of diEversity.

    Y’all have a nice day.

  2. a follower says:
    also looked into, “Christmas market” and history of a few years ago.
    Jeremiah 10 seems to speak of our traditions.

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