Andrews, NC Passes Ordinance to Restrict Firearms

Andrews, NC passes an ordinance on August 11, 2015 to restrict concealed and open carry of firearms in certain buildings. The town alderman split 2 votes for and 2 votes against the ordinance.

The town’s mayor, Nancy Curtis cast the deciding vote in favor of the ban. Her comment “What Difference Does It Make” hopefully will not foreshadow Hillary Clinton’s remark at a Congressional Hearing concerning the deaths of four Americans at the hands of Islamic Terrorists.

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3 Responses to Andrews, NC Passes Ordinance to Restrict Firearms

  1. Stephen says:


    • Heath Whittle says:

      My family will no longer vacation in Andrews until this ord. has been overturned. So sorry we will miss the nice people up there. I will follow this issue and hope the people who voted for this will no longer be in office if I ever return. Our vacation money will be spent elsewhere.

  2. Sonny Rudd says:

    If I was the people of Andrews, NC I would move from that city. It’s being ran by the likes of Hillary Clinton.

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