Another COVID Lie: The Vaccine

Can You Develop COVID-19 Twice?

April 17, 2020 South Korea recently reported that a significant number of people with COVID-19Trusted Source have tested positive, then tested negative, only to test positive and experience symptoms, like fever, cough, sore throat, and fatigue, again.

Health officials in South Korea say it’s unlikely these patients got reinfected with COVID-19 a second time since they’re testing positive for a second time so soon, but rather that some people with COVID-19 may be experiencing a viral reactivation.

Health experts in the United States don’t think a reactivation of COVID-19 is likely since we’ve never observed viral reactivation in other coronaviruses.

It could very well be that the virus never left their system. It lingered, and they were never fully cured of the disease, and that’s what the subsequent COVID-19 tests are catching.


But then…

Colorado woman tests positive for COVID-19 twice

 A month 1/2 since her first time contracting the novel coronavirus, a woman in Lafayette found out she tested positive for COVID-19 — again.

Michelle Hart first developed COVID-19 symptoms at the end of April. Doctors administered a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PRC) test — commonly performed with a nasal swab for coronavirus. On May 2, Hart’s results returned positive.



So what is going on and why is this secondary infection process not being widely reported?

If the viral RNA is embedding itself into the host’s DNA using reverse transcriptase, then you will never be cured or know when the viral will express itself. If the host is being reinfected by the virus or a new strain, then you will always be susceptible to reinfection like the Spanish flu. What is the lie? Either or both of these cases preclude a vaccine to HB-19. And that is something that will be suppressed by every government.

David DeGerolamo

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