Another Day in the Destruction of the Constitution

While this law will be challenged, people may be fined (and that is a best case scenario) while the courts decide. Would you give up your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms? It appears this is no longer a rhetorical question.

David DeGerolamo


Illinois Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days To Turn In Guns Or Become Criminals

Residents of a town in Illinois were just handed down an unconstitutional decree from their local government, they now have 60 days to give up their guns or be fined up to $1000 per day…


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3 Responses to Another Day in the Destruction of the Constitution

  1. Hans says:

    On the topic of “would you give up your right …”, see today’s post by Oleg Volk:

  2. 173d Viet Vet says:

    The smart folks are right now planning on leaving Illinois.

    Wisconsin is close to this communist hotbed of lib-tards.

    Yes, I know many on the lower income levels have fewer options but moving from one rental to another is still an option. No reason they cannot move out of town.

    Voting with ones feet and pocketbook, as in not spending a dime in the town again, can also work when others collectively accept those acts as a form of resistance.

  3. Doug says:

    Move away?? Are you kidding?? Why not just issue a straight up challenge?? The time for being polite and nice has passed a long time ago. Where are the men with balls?? Oh that’s right Dancing with the Stars in on TV right now. Are Forefathers are spinning in their graves at the collective spinelessness of today’s men!!!

    Why not tell the mayor and police chief to shove it up their ass?? But yes that’s right violence is illegal. That’s why 13 days from now we celebrate the first shots of the Revolutionary War. Those men and women had not given one shit about TV or going to work on Monday. They understood what was at stake.

    Turn in your guns?? Pay a $1,000 per day fine?? You have proven yourselves to be spineless fools!!!! You’re running around right now pissing in your DEPENDS. Somebody has to do something you say?? Go look in the mirror and start with that somebody!! Stand like American men used to!!! Stop kneeling and begging permission!!!! All of the things that we have been told since Morton Grove have now been proven to be lies.

    King Leonidas issued the challenge to their enemy to “come and take them”. You men are going to curl up into little balls and hide in the corners because you won’t get it through your heads that we have only one box left!!!!!!

    Remember this fall when you are telling the boys who are playing football about how tough you were back in the day think back and tell them just how spineless you really were when is was 4th and goal with 1 second on the clock in what was called America!!


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