Another Government Shutdown – To Be Accompanied by the Usual Theatrics

Congress is slowly paddling toward a government shutdown.

The fight over government spending that has dominated much of the decade, calmed for two years because of a bipartisan deal, is roaring back to life.

Democrats are adamant that Republicans back off their plans to increase defense spending without doing the same for nondefense programs.

They argue the GOP is using a budget gimmick to funnel more money to the Pentagon without raising spending limits on healthcare and social welfare programs.

To try to force the party’s hand, Senate Democrats say they will block every annual spending bill unless Republicans agree to a budget summit.



It is surprising that The Hill’s article used a picture of Sen. McConnell to illustrate the government’s next “crisis”. All spending comes from the House. Unless it is the unConstitutional Affordable Care Act.

David DeGerolamo

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