Another Method of Control: States Secretly Stockpiling Food for Need Ahead – “To the Roof!”

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3 Responses to Another Method of Control: States Secretly Stockpiling Food for Need Ahead – “To the Roof!”

  1. Gryphon says:

    On the surface, this would seem to be a sensible measure, to ‘back up’ privately-run Food Banks, but anyone with above Room-Temperature I.Q. knows damned well that in an Actual “Food Shortage” situation, where large numbers of people were facing a real threat of Starvation, not a Single Crumb of this Food would be given out, it would be used to feed the government parasites in their ‘secure facilities’ and ’emergency operations centers’.

    • Crazy Bee says:

      When those supplies start to run low, they will send the county, state and federal troops into the countryside to commandeer farmers crops and livestock. The elites won’t leave a crumb for the producers until they are starved down to manageable levels.
      Don’t think your neighborhood cop or guardsman would steal your food? Wait until their hungry and you’ll see where their allegiance is.

  2. Truth-in-Tension says:

    The Rockefeller’s and their Rockefeller Foundation are leading members of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Other members include The Carnegie Foundation, The Ford Foundation, The Tides Foundation, The Gates Foundation, The McArthur Foundation, The Soros Syndicate (Rothschild enforcer), the Rothschild Syndicate, all large banks, Federal Reserve, all global corporations, and all Freemason senior leadership. Also, included in the Brotherhood of Darkness are most, if not all levels of state, federal government, all government agencies and the military branches, as well as, all governments around the world. Oh yes, I should not forget the satanic UN / NGO’s. Keep in mind, Henry Kissinger, the Rockefeller enforcer, outlined a plan to control the world’s population by access to food.

    Everything the Brother of Darkness does is by a long term satanic plan. It is difficult for good people to understand this.

    Good people, will ask rhetorical questions that are centered around their moral beliefs. These rhetorical questions include: Why would anyone or any group want to destroy the American? Why would anyone want to reduce the worlds population to 500,000,000? Why would anyone use food as a weapon? Why would anyone use race to cause social conflict? Why would the Catholic church and the Lutheran church conspire together to bring into western countries millions of muslims that will destroy western culture? Why would the education systems actively indoctrinate children with communist ideology? Why would anyone produce and supply a dangerous vaccines with awful side effects?

    Good people really do not want answers to these questions, because the answers would destroy their view of who controls the world they live in. In fact they will run from the answers. The reality check is that they cannot grasp that their logic is irrelevant, becuse they cannot understand that the world is controlled by psychopathic, satan worshiping, one world order of international communists who really do want to destroy everything in order to achieve their goals.

    Welcome to the the Brave New World, brought to you by the Brotherhood of Darkness.

    Be prepared, be decisive.

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