Another Point of View

This is a bit of a combination post and is intended to get a few things off my chest, and challenge the narrative. I will mince no words when I tell you that the state of things in this country right now appalls me. We have just had July the 4th and as a (former) Brit I have seen my share of dumb statements that drive me nuts.

I have been nothing but shocked at the authoritarian statist socialistic society that I have encountered in the US, that I observe daily. The idiotic political scene on both sides. The leftists appear to root for pie in the sky socialism (read communism) as if they have a mental illness. The ‘right’ is in some weird place where they cheer their own handcuffs. Everyone seems to want to tell everyone else what to do. What about Rightful Liberty?

Just look at the tax rates in this country, there to raise revenue for government and allow wealth redistribution for socialist welfare policies. Look at the fact that you can no longer own property in the US, due to property tax. This means you can never own anything outright, property or land, because you have to keep paying the Crown to be allowed to keep it.

Look at the constant infringements onto the Second Amendment, already in place and constantly coming. And what is worse is that whenever a possible infringement is enacted or announced as planned (Virginia, right now, looking at you): All people do is see how they can skate around it. The 2A is for the purpose of preventing tyranny, but it will never work , however many firearms are in private hands, if the country does not have the moral courage to stand up and stop that tyranny. It is just one line in the sand after another, never being acted on as each one is crossed.

Max gets some things off his Chest. Well worth the Read.


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