Another Slap in the Face

200K flags placed on the National Mall ahead of Biden inauguration to represent missing crowd

Nearly 200,000 flags have been placed on the National Mall ahead of President-elect Joe Biden‘s inauguration, signifying the tens of thousands of people who won’t be able to attend this year’s ceremony.



The reality is the traitors did not want to show the national mall with few people coming to a Biden inauguration even if Washington, D.C. was not an armed camp. We all saw the crowds at Trump rallies vs. the small attendance at the few Biden rallies.

A sad ending for the Great Experiment. I believe people are able to govern themselves as our forefathers believed if:

  1. The church had done their responsibility to produce moral citizens.
  2. People had more faith in God instead of the State.
  3. We had public virtue.
  4. Communists had not discovered that cancelling our culture was a quick path to its successful overthrow of the government.
  5. Domestic enemies in the government would have been arrested for documented crimes.
  6. Our educational institutions had not become indoctrination centers.
  7. Excessive taxation without representation would have been recognized as a means to fund our downfall.
  8. We had not let labels divide us.
  9. We cherished our Liberty.
  10. We just gave a damn about our children’s future.

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

Wrong flags! They should be Chinese flags…
Friggin’ TRAITOR!

1 month ago


1 month ago

Well said.

1 month ago

David -- -- Your lament is well taken and well stated.

We, collectively, have had it too easy; too soft a life, one that pulls us off target, making us blind to the here and now approach rather than that which looks for long term result.

We did not find our way to this low place quickly and the trip downhill is far from over.

May the Good Lord show mercy to his People, because we are gonna continue to need it…..

1 month ago
Reply to  173dVietVet

Amen, Brother! Well said!
But do not forget, we need to be on the Almighty’s side, FIRST..

1 month ago

Hello, David
Ditto to your points, may I add one?

“Takers” in society needed to be vilified, not glorified. More makers, fewer takers.

Most Rev. Gregori
1 month ago

ALL of the “IF” factors are correct, but I am going to add one more to the list and it is a truly sad one, and that is “IF” President Trump had enacted the SEDITION ACT when he had the chance. He had the right to and the power to do it, so I feel, whether anyone wants to here it or not, that Trump left us hanging in the wind and betrayed us, and by not enacting the Sedition Act, he , in essence, aided and abetted in the overthrow of our Constitution and country, and he also is guilty of DERELICTION of DUTY. Believe me, I take no pleasure in stating this. I know there were others who believed with all their hearts, that at the eleventh hour. Trump was going to empower the military to bring ALL of the traitors to justice before a ,military tribunal, instead, he helped them do what the leftists always do, ESCAPE JUSTICE and ANY KIND OF PUNISHMENT. GOOD BYE AMERICA, I LOVED YOU DEARLY.

Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
1 month ago

Your are correct on all counts.