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Thought I’d pass along some answers that someone took the time to email me.


Here are some answers to your questions I hope you will at least find them thought provoking:

Q.  Why are we afraid to stand up to our Government?
A. Because this Government is not ours, it’s theirs. Obama, Soros, Clintons, Bush, Comey
Mueller, Rosenstein, Weissmann and thousands more.  They own every agency, process and courthouse. You stand up alone and you will be cut down , NO mercy, NO rules at all. Remember Flynn, Ted Stevens, and Enron.

Q. When will the people decide enough is enough?
A. Sadly, when they have no other choice. I do not advocate or preach violence, but the reality is this cannot be solved without conflict.  I say this because the people who are in power in this country, will never peacefully surrender that power, and I mean never. 

Q. Why do people think socialism/communism works?
A. Various reasons:  for the recipient voter class, it does work for now.  And they have not seen any reason to believe that it will every stop working.  The government employee/voter class see this in much the same way and yes that means your teachers, your firemen, your police too; all three levels of government employees.  For others it’s seems that the propaganda in schools and media and church is working.  So the short answer is for alot of people, socialism is great, at the expense of the producers.  It seems that the only ones wise to this game are those of us who are being plundered. 

Q. Why isn’t the Constitution followed?
A. Because it no longer exists.  Even in the memory of the oldest people among us.   A man that is eighty years old still has no clue about the type of freedom of the first generation in the US.  The republic died well over 150 years ago.  Why else would over half the states that formed the union wish to leave (so called civil war).  So my answer is, no one anywhere can even imagine life in a constitutional republic.  So, much to the dismay of Franklin, we did not keep it.  I suppose it’s just too easy to vote other people’s property away from them and divide it up among ourselves.

Q. Why has it got to get worse before it gets better?
A. Apathy and fat, lazy, comfortable apathy. 

Q. Why are people afraid to speak out?
A. For essentially the same reason as question #1.  If you become a target, you will be prosecuted for “some” crime which you “have” committed. 

Q. Why don’t people value freedom?
A. Americans no longer know what freedom is.  Only a moral and religious people know what freedom is, and the USA is no longer that people.  The godless think that freedom is about satisfying their sexuality or addictions without any consequences. Moreover, they also consider their dependency on others to be freedom, hence they want free healthcare, housing, etc. and other loot that can be plundered for them by the socialist regime.

Q.  What will it take for you to fight?
A.  Fighting in small numbers would be ineffective.  The bottom line is this:  the fight must be for real change, for real freedom, for real security; not just to replace one tyrant for another.  Here are a few thoughts:  what if 1,000 patriots in every state assembled themselves together and refused to obey or participate in any unconstitutional laws, taxation, regulation or judicial ruling.  Now suppose that number would be 50,000 in every state.  Let’s keep going with this.  What if it were half a million people in every state.  It’s not hard to see that all you need are numbers.  But what you need long term will be more than numbers, because what you’re dealing with are killers, plain and simple.  The men who are in power have proven that they will lie, cheat, steal, rob, rape and kill to keep that power.  So fighting means killing, Wes, plain and simple.  Let’s consider Washington and Madison and Paine.  Did they talk and debate and resist to gain their freedom?  To some degree, yes, they did.  But ultimately they gained their freedom by killing the enemies of freedom and in sufficient numbers to make the most powerful and ruthless military on earth surrender.  That’s a lot of dead bodies.  So the final word is, it will take the numbers and the weapons and the determination, and most importantly, it will take the courage that only comes through a firm foundation in the principles of the Word of God.

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19 Responses to Answers to Previous Post

  1. David says:

    Until people feel enough pain, they will not fight. In the meantime, the other side is preparing a solid front. If you disagree, you are only fooling yourself.

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  3. oldtimer505 says:

    Thank you, for telling it like it is! I pray that folks out there are reading and listening.

  4. Russ says:

    Half of this country holds the other half in raw contempt. They will use this civil disobedience on ‘steroids’ to say: look see, they are selfish and as contemptable as we believed. And they will act on that contempt. Take away (or try to) the homes of the contemptable deplorables and give them to the new arrivals, or some such inflammatory action. To the credit and honor of the deplorables they/we have held our fire in ‘check’. For how much longer is anyone’s guess from this point on.
    *This statement made in full knowledge of the violations made to the restrictions on the 1st amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

  5. tz says:

    Socialism is a Ponzi scheme by someone with inhereted wealh. He can give away free stuff from the small investments, but mainly by drawing down the capital he inherited.

    You saw what happened in Argentina which was a first world country before the Perons.
    And in Venezuela that can’t even now grow food, ship oil, or anything else.

    Wealth can be either created or extracted. The latter is sometimes redistribution, but the crony capitalsm version is to suck longstanding, functional companies dry via debt (LBOs), like Radio Shack and Toys ‘R Us, or even Home Depot to make the next quarter look good so the CEO can cash in their stock options. The stock goes up when wealth is created, but it goes up faster as the capital stock that was used to create profits is depleted as it is extracted -- at least until things crash.

    Sears is still around, so I won’t predict when a company like Apple will cease to exist, but it, Google, and Netflix are hurting. Amazon is likely to be around only because it is the new “Sears Catalog” where someone with a mailing address can get any of thousands of items delivered even if they aren’t available locally.

    But when the debt pyramid collapses, it will tear everything apart.

    I’m not worried about China because although different than the same apparently invincible USSR, they are making the same mistakes.

    Only Christian America truly innovated and optimized. The Chinese can copy, and the copies work, but it is a high functioning cargo cult. That doesn’t make them not dangerous -- the Zulus defeated the Brits. But their deep culture isn’t effective at expansion.

  6. Chas says:

    What if:
    What if instead of going after the head, the legs were cut off. Media names, hollywood names, organizational names ( la raza, communist usa, etc.), corporate names, etc??? The bodies left where they fall for spice value. Just throwing that out there for informative purposes..

  7. Oddy says:

    I disagree on the small numbers answer. Once a few examples are made, they’ll start backpedaling pretty fast.

    • l2a3 says:

      They are are doing this because they,the politicians are under a false sense of security, that they are untouchable, (you know, I have body guards to protect me). Once they discover that they are not, I wonder how they will react to “frontier justice”.

  8. Most people will never rise up and fight for their rights and freedoms because they are afraid, afraid of being hurt or killed, afraid of losing the few handouts that the government throws their way, and afraid of the unknown. Thankfully, there are a few of us left who have had everything taken from them, that we have reached the point that we have nothing left but our lives and we no longer care if we lose, that to, so we are willing to fight (and die if necessary). there is a song, and forgive me, but at the moment I cannot remember the name of it, that says: “FREEDOM IS JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE”.

  9. A.B. Prosper says:

    There is another reason people aren’t rising up is there is no clear agenda to fight for.

    Leave me alone is not agenda at all not is ANCAP, Minrachy, Libertarian thinking, Austrian economics, Constitutionalism or any of that.

    It doesn’t fix the issues with marriage,with society with anything and it does nothing to protect people. The freedom movement , good guys all doesn’t get that

    The mass of people people want government to do things, to protect them from abuse by the powerful. from corporations local and multinational and to some degree to regulate.

    The Freedom movement opposes this on moral grounds and as unpleasant a pill to swallow for those folks. people know the current comfort and shreds of liberty only exists because the State makes it happen.

    Otherwise you will have a race to the bottom and end up a slave of some multinational

    In the past you could get away with a lot less state and we had a moral and religious population.

    We do not and 21st century tech is existential threat to freedom

    Until the the freedom minded can tell people how putting them in charge will make things better make they aren’t swapping the State for say Twitter or Facebook or worse you do not have a chance and you have nothing to offer

  10. Tom says:

    Your last three words says it all. Too bad most only know them 2nd hand from churches lead by men not what was written. Sweet baby Jesus is all grown up and coming back. Boy is He pissed.

    • Robert Gschwind says:

      I would pray that is so Tom. But at my age I don’t have anything left to lose but my soul.

      • Tom says:

        Something tells me you’ve got the right stuff, the stuff God is looking for.
        “I am come to send a fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled” Lu 12 : 49.
        Need a match?

        a bibleater

  11. ozzie says:

    The ten commandments, yellow vest. Let them attack us and we will have the moral high ground.
    Providing trump does not drain the swamp.

  12. Jonah Kyle says:

    Summary: We’re screwed.

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  14. sawman says:

    “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn’t exist.”

    I am getting well on in age, but when I was young evil kept to the darkness and the shadows and could not stand the light of day. The enemies of all that is good slowly convinced people that bad was acceptable and good was bad. So we removed God from the public square so as not to offend people who believed differently.

    Today far too many people embrace bad as good and to speak out against it will get you punished whether you are a baker or a photographer or whatever your means of supporting yourself may be. Today Evil walks among us in broad daylight having forsaken the night and the shadows.But the answer has always been in the Light for in the end the Light will always defeat Darkness, but there is a price to pay for allowing this to happen.

    We are screwed but that is not a reason not to fight when the time comes.Just know what you truly fight for and know in the end the enemies of Light will lose.

    Ephesians 6:11-18

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