Any Questions on the Plan?

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2 Responses to Any Questions on the Plan?

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  2. militialaw says:

    The clear and present danger to the everyday patriot are federal employees, not Muslims.

    Sure, go ahead and block their efforts to evangelize and build their temples to Satan for the sake of the morality of the US, but let’s not buy into the govt propaganda that but for Muslims we’d live in a place so full of liberty machine guns would be handed out as door prizes.

    A Muslim isn’t listening to your phone calls, reading your email, taking your money and (soon) kicking down your door to seize weapons. It’s your next door neighbor who is getting his paycheck out of your tax money who you need to watch like a hawk. When push comes to shove, federal employees will go kapo and cooperate with their armed federal brethren and be sure they are already feeding their masters info on the neighborhood.

    The patriot community needs to stay focused on the real threat.

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