Are things about to get sporty with Iran?

Just in time …

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3 Responses to Are things about to get sporty with Iran?

  1. LunkerMack says:

    It’s past the time for it i.m.o.
    After the Obamination (planted by Iran) funded and legitimized them they became empowered.
    Then we have Tucker Carlson whom I generally agree with say that John Bolton is a warmonger for standing up to them!?
    If you want peace….prepare for war.

  2. Vet says:

    Ask Jimmy The Grin -- he remains our nation’s foremost authority on Persian persuasion.

  3. NOG says:

    Four tankers attacked, including one bound for the US. No deaths reported. Not much damage.

    Perhaps Gulf of Tonkin II? When the Straits of Hormuz close, oil will be 200-400 dollars/barrel. You better have lots of food and water close, because it won’t be arriving from elsewhere.

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