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For the better part of two years, potential students have asked me to put an e-course online because they couldn’t make it to a physical course. I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure that I could do an e-course that would come close to the level of training in my classroom courses.

But last month I started working on the Area Intelligence Course, which is loosely the first day of the SHTF Intelligence Course… but packed with more detailed instruction, worksheets, and ebooks.

Here’s what I figured… every military operation, every security operation, every intelligence operation is built on intelligence that provides decision makers the knowledge to plan operations. Without that vital intelligence on who’s who and what’s where, operations get very messy.

I’m absolutely positive that this course adds great value to the skills and knowledge of those interested in having excellent localized intelligence.

Until 01 August, the Area Intelligence Course is on sale for $99 for all pre-orders.

After 01 August, the course will be discounted at $149 for all pre-orders.

After 14 August, when the course officially launches, the course price will return to $199, which is still a great price for all the instruction and knowledge being made available.

There is literally no better place to get started in intelligence than learning to analyze a community and identify local threats in Area Intelligence.

PLUS there’s a special bonus that I’m offering on 14 August that I haven’t announced. On 14 August, everyone who pre-orders the Area Intelligence Course will be notified via email. Let me just say that it will greatly enrich the value and your understanding of organizing localized intelligence.

Always Out Front,

Samuel Culper

Forward Observer


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