Asheville, North Carolina! You are next! Federal refugee contractor has come to town


From the Citizen-Times:

ASHEVILLE – A global aid and humanitarian organization is exploring the possibility of making Western North Carolina a resettlement site for refugees.

Representatives from the International Rescue Committee met with local residents at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Wednesday to discuss the feasibility of a preliminary plan to relocate 150 people fleeing persecution in their home countries to the Asheville region.

If plans move forward, the first household could come as early as next spring, J.D. McCrary, executive director of the IRC office in Atlanta, told the crowd of more than 50 people. Others would arrive over the ensuing 12 months, he said.

Just like everywhere else, the IRC has been holding meetings and greasing the skids BEFORE word got out to the citizens of Asheville.


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14 Responses to Asheville, North Carolina! You are next! Federal refugee contractor has come to town

  1. It’s not just Asheville. Also Hendersonville.

    In researching a rumor to bring refugees to Transylvania County I found this organization.

    My hunch is they are going to target every county in the mountains.

    • LT says:

      Which would make sense -- the high-density areas of Charlotte and RTP are already infested with muslims and hindus -- thus, where they “need” to plant opposition is in the uplands.

      Just like the British did in North Ireland with “the planters” -- A.K.A. the “Scotch Irish” -- who were relocated to establish a “native” opposition to the Roman Catholics who predominated there.

      History does indeed repeat itself, with but minor variations to accommodate the vagaries of place and circumstance.


    • An update to Hendersonville. The Episcopal Church is backing off, saying that they are too far from a Migration Ministry, which the closest being Knoxville. So, they are basically saying they can’t do it through the church.

      I had read it in Friday’s paper, but it was not in the online addition.

      One thing I want to make clear, I do not hate these people. I served as an Advisor to the Iraqi Army in 06/07. I worked closely with them on a daily basis. I know first hand the culture divide between us and that it will not mesh well. That is, not with your average Middle Easterner. Given how a High School kid’s prospects of a job are not too bright, as the saying goes, Charity comes home first.

  2. Bill says:

    we dont want the scum here, but if and when they come they will be surrounded by patriots. the same as Charlotte is surrounded by the KKK which has grown immensity in outlying counties due to the people fearing for there lives. the KKK has grown by thousands so when the SHTF the islamic scum will all be eliminated very fast or and hunted down like the pig dogs they are. The illegal government that is operating under the islamic negro sodomite and the bureaucracy that is taking his illegal orders will all be held accountable at some point for the mass murders and treason they have comitted, and when they are standing before tribunals there will be no mercy on any of them.

    • Yutumu says:

      Bill, you have the right to your opinion -- no matter how ignorant or racist it my seem.
      The KKK are not the people you should look up to…. I will pray for you so you might find

  3. Average Joe says:

    The right to protect one’s family, property, and country are immutable.

    • Bill says:

      lock and load Average Joe, the crap is coming our way and it’s one duty to protect ones family despite what some racist negro from New York and treasonous dirt bag named Lynch states.

  4. independent says:

    This is no more than Colonizing immigrants that want to take over the world. We have already lost the war on terrorism by accepting the premise that not all muslim’s are radical. True Muslim’s believe in the same Mohammad as the ISIS do. Their goal is to convert everyone or to kill everyone who will not convert. I know that is a harsh statement but I believe it to be true. The evidence is out there. When our government and people allow immigrants to colonize we are allowing them to set up their own laws. Dangerous to future generations.

  5. T says:

    I imagine the native Americans were similarly upset when Bill’s scum ancestors were resettled into the area.

    • Bill says:

      how about we send the scum anarchist invading murderers to your neighbor hood and maybe have some of the families be your neighbor, would you like that, it can be arranged. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth, you are putting your family in dire jeopardy with such blatant ignorance.. by the way my culture was here before the Indians were, you dolt, go get yourself educated and learn who was here first, it was not the Indians like you were deceived into believing.

      • T says:

        OK. Please educate me. What culture would that be that preceded Indians? Links??? Was my fifth grade teacher really deceiving me?

        • Average Joe says:

          In a word…yes. It would seem that the Windover site, which is investing gating the “bog people,” would be the oldest in North America. Genetically, they where White…much to the shock of many.

          Even though they may have been killed off, died out, or were bred out of existence, when the Pilgrims landed they dedicated the land to the Gospel and essentially God gave them dominion over the land for their efforts and I for one will never apologize for God’s blessings.

        • Bill says:

          seems like he was, the Smithsonian in Washington DC knows damn well who was here first, but the politically degenerate crowd seems fit not to have the truth come forth, you need to do you own investigations using the library of congress and you just might learn how duped you really are and many other Americans in this nation. piece of tid bit info which the degenerate media cannot hide, they just found Roman artifacts ( Yes, Roman Empire ) pre dating any Indian tribe known in this territory up along the west coast on the Canadian side, but it was not only the Romans who came here it was the Celtic peoples also who were here basically at the same time. so go tell your mentally ill PC deranged government to come clean and start telling the America people the truth. You see there is to much money being shoveled into Indian tribes and there all feeding at the pig sink.
          You can also get this information at the Vatican in Rome, they also have it to and they know it to be fact, but just like the mentally ill PC crowd they to have become mentally deranged.

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