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  1. Is the presumption of innocence until proven guilty a basic tenet in our country?
  2. Is there a two-tiered justice system in our country?
  3. Has the Congress become irrelevant as individual citizens dictate conditions for attending a hearing in the Senate and the justice/law agencies under the executive branch will not provide information for oversight?
  4. Do individuals such as George Soros, large foundations such as the Clinton Foundation and big business interests control the government through bribes and intimidation?
  5. Does the media dictate the news or report the news?
  6. Has the federal government (DOJ/FBI/intelligence agencies) blackmailed individuals through federal charges in order for them to “sing” or “compose” to remain free?
  7. Has the federal government secured our border?
  8. How is it possible to have an opioid addiction problem that is prescription based in our country?
  9. Are laws passed to protect us from criminals or to make us criminals to be controlled?
  10. Has there been a successful soft coup of the federal government by the Deep State?

Now ask yourself when the 2nd amendment was used to accomplish the above objectives. For those who believe that being armed will help regain the country from the evil which overthrew it, think again. A civil war may be coming in our future but it will be won by the true believers, not firearms.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Ask Yourself

  1. I am not Cory Booker says:

    Yes sir, armed with your mighty pen I am sure you will prevail against those who are reduced to relying on feeble automatic weapons.

    I look forward to see you lead the charge that will restore freedom armed with that printer of yours.

    • David says:

      I think you meant semi-autoautomatic weapons. Only an untrained fool would put their weapon on full auto (if available) in a firefight.

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