Attack of the Corona Karens

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3 Responses to Attack of the Corona Karens

  1. I’ve been watching these for the past few weeks, for sheer entertainment, but I’m also learning a lot on how to handle them.
    Much can be gleened from irrational behavior. Humor is just one of them…lol

  2. Gryphon says:

    I had one accost me in the grocery store parking lot as I was walking to the door- I Know I’m Big and Ugly, and so I moved suddenly to get right in Karen’s Face, looking down and tilting my head and quietly saying over and over “Are you trying to Pick a Fight?”

    And just like That, it was Gone.

    Asking them if they want a Fight is not ‘threatening’, but Damned for Sure these betas don’t want one, especially with someone they normally would get out of the way for. Be that Person, or be a sheep.

    Unless We push back, Hard, this crap will only continue to get Worse.

  3. prc5d says:

    It is very disturbing to see that irrational, emotionally disturbed people feel entitled to physically attack people, just because they are “triggered”. I don’t care how emotionally compromised someone is, if they go over the line, like that idiot that sprayed Mace on a family in the park, they will go down and be suffer the consequences. Yes, absolutely we must push back very hard.

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