Ba’al Zebub (Satan) Supports the Obama Campaign

Mr. Obama’s campaign manager proudly stated that they have accepted illegal campaign contributions for the 2012 election. This also happened during the 2008 election with no challenge from the federal elections board or John McCain. The image above is a portion of my 2008 campaign contribution to the Obama election. The entire confirmation at a higher resolution can be viewed by clicking here.

When a credit card is submitted for processing, a series of checks are performed to validate the transaction. The card holder’s name and address are cross checked with the card number. The Obama election team inactivated these checks so that they could accept illegal contributions from around the world.

I would have donated $6.66 but it had to be an even dollar amount. As noted on the confirmation, Ba’al Zebub from 100 Hade’s Drive made the contribution. I thought it appropriate to have his occupation listed as “redistribution of souls”. My employer was listed as the PLO since there were multiple articles from Palestine extolling their donations to Obama.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Ba’al Zebub (Satan) Supports the Obama Campaign

  1. Hans says:

    Do you have your bank card records with the $6 charge to demonstrate that the campaign willingly processed the transaction ?

    • David says:

      The bank processed the transaction and it was on my statement. I wrote an article about this and sent the image to some news sources -- no reply. The government, media and both parties knew that this was happening in 2008.

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