Banned in the USA

It’s a sad day when one who grew up in the Cold War finds the words of a former member of the KGB of more import than anything spewed from the mouths of the so-called leaders of the free world. Russia as the bad guy? I don’t think so …

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3 Responses to Banned in the USA

  1. Don Johnson says:

    The more I hear from Putin the more impressed I become over his grasp of what is going on in not only our country, but in the world !
    We should listen more carefully to what he is saying and putting it into context with the reality of how the idiots we have running our government are doing everything wrong across the board.
    One of the major points Putin makes is how both the U.S. and Russia could benefit on working towards helping each other rather than constantly jabbing each other and making minor problems even worse !
    Putin nails it when he explains how the U.S. has created a host of problems all over the middle east with financial and military support to ISIS and others and making poor decisions. This has created even more tensions between us and created a mass refugee problem and caused many deaths and yet we do not learn from these mistakes !
    Do I want to move to Russia ? No, but Putin is a better leader on a bad day compared to Obama on a good day and he (Putin) is a Patriot of Russia and has pride in his country and the people in it !
    Obama on the other hand, is sadly lacking this (Patriotism and Pride) and does everything possible to divide us in this country and worldwide, instead of attempting to unify us !
    The useful idiots in the media also do a real good job doing the regimes bidding and painting people who make sense as the bad guys.**** Food for thought everyone !****

    • Bob says:

      Don, You’re dead on the mark. We should be allies with Russia, not enemies. Unlike our country, Russia (thanks largely to Putin) is not over-run with third world ‘refugees’, deviant behavior, or denigration of Christianity. Sure, they have their problems, just like any country, but, as you so accurately point out, Putin loves his country and is trying to do his best for his people. Unfortunately, I don’t think it likely that anyone in Washington will follow his example. More likely, they’ll stumble us into a shooting war with the ‘Bear’. Not so sure that will end well.

  2. creativelady says:

    While no, I don’t want to live in Russia, I have more respect that Putin as a leader and will defend his country. We have no leadership to speak of in all three branches of politicians and the judicial branch as well. America has the power to stand her ground, has the power of persuasion, and before 2008 had economic power to keep America independent. Something bad has happened and I pray everyday for our nation that leadership can be found before it is too late. This clip shows Americans what is really going own and it hurts to see it is not America, speaking with this fortitude. Pray for our nation before she is gone.

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