Because They Can and They Will

What would you do if your daughter was threatened in this manner? Religion of peace? What are the consequences of evil?

Ask Hillary Clinton.

David DeGerolamo

h/t Matt Bracken

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2 Responses to Because They Can and They Will

  1. HopeForChange says:

    This is disgusting! This is what anyone who stands up to the elites and their insistence on bringing in millions of people that DO NOT want to assimilate will have to put up with. God’s blessings on everyone strong enough to fight against this assault. May you, your families, our country, and our people be wrapped with his peace and protection.

    • Bill says:

      these are not migrants, they are an invading army of shear numbers to wreak havoc on any nation being forced to accept this lowest of scum in the world. this is also happening in the U.S., we are being forced to accept these animals by the head sodomite in the house of sodomy because he himself is a terrorist along with his pig islamic race.

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