Because You Asked

I was asked what my opinion was concerning the following article:

Coronavirus Causes Weaponized ‘Tentacles’ To Sprout From Infected Cells, Directly Inject Virus Into New Ones

The virus behind COVID-19 causes infected cells to sprout ‘tentacles’ which allow the virus to attack several nearby cells at once – poking holes which allow the disease to easily transfer inside.



I read the article prior to the request and had decided not to post it for two reasons. Most people do not have the scientific background to understand what this means and people do not want to hear about HB-19. I cannot blame people for the latter since the government’s lies just keep on coming.

The key in the article is: Most viruses do not cause infected cells to grow these tentacles. Even those that do, such as smallpox, do not have as many or the same type of branching as Sars-Cov-2, the virus behind Covid-19. –FT

This is my personal opinion. This newfound ability is another “gain of function” encoded into the virus. Not only was this encoded when the virus was engineered, it was enhanced.

Think about this: the majority of the world’s medical and university laboratories have been focused on this virus for six months. Now “new” research shows the new function to spread the infection extracellularly.

The article suggests that this discovery may allow the use of new drugs (possibly in conjunction with remdesivir) to treat the infection. I hope that this new gain of function will allow new and more effective treatments as stated. My intuition tells me that this virus is still being engineered. That wants me to hold the people more accountable who were and in my opinion still are using this super-engineered virus for political and economic purposes.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Because You Asked

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    Many thanks. Perhaps this new information will get out and the world will see how this bio-terrorism virus was used to gain political control.

    What isn’t clear is who created this, and to what ultimate end……

    Again, David….THANKS !!

  2. Andy says:

    “That wants me to hold the people more accountable who were and in my opinion still are using this super-engineered virus for political and economic purposes. ”

    I am pretty certain, and have been since February, that this virus was deliberately engineered in China, [and perhaps with the aid of Russia and sympathetic forces within our own nation] for the purpose of dealing a death blow to us. I also believed (past tense) that it was released accidentally, early, before they [China et al] could fully engineer it AND develop their own vaccine against it. It was almost impossible to believe that they anticipated this thing would work as well as it has to divide us, poison us, kill some of us, and wreck the economy. I have changed my mind. I now believe that China absolutely will sacrifice their own people en masse if it can further their agenda, which is, and has been for decades, world domination… this is why they released it in Wuhan, so they could call it an accidental release in a wet market and have plausible deniability for long enough to seed the rest of the world.

    I believe that they anticipated our reaction, and matters are transpiring exactly as they had foreseen. They enslaved us with their cheap shit, bankrupted us, poisoned the minds of our young people with Confucius institutes, and have now released a bioweapon. We have been significantly weakened, mostly by our own doing. All they have left to do is starve us (they’re working on that) or bring down our power grid, then clean up the mess that remains and move in.

    We have been our own worst enemy. Human nature is very predictable. People want freedom, and dictators want absolute power. If you can divide the people who only want freedom (which is about half the population in this country), the battle is over. They have succeeded.

    Here’s another thought. We have a political machine that craves power, and communists/marxists infiltrating every nook and cranny of our nation. Some of the chaos was planned, and then fueled by these communists. It will likely only get worse as the summer rages on. Then, at the peak, in early October, the communists in our own country will use all of the destruction, pain and misery they themselves have caused, and turn the results into a weapon against President Trump and all Republicans for “allowing it to happen”, and shift all the blame onto him. The communist media will be only too happy to oblige, and the message will become a frenzy to do something, anything, to make it stop, including voting Trump out of office, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY (this includes the vast voter fraud that will ensue, since they have developed that into a real science at this point). Once they win, and they will win, their usefulness to the communist Chinese will come to an end, and they will be forced to dig their own graves just prior to being eliminated. There will be some satisfaction in that, since they participated in their own demise. But what of the rest of us? Damned difficult to fight a guerilla war against superior technology with thermal imaging and armed drones.

    To your point, David, I too want to hold those responsible accountable. I do not know at this point how we do this… there may literally be too many of them, and we are not organized enough to become anything but martyrs. To underestimate the skill and resolve of our enemies would be catastrophic, and we may be in for an extended period of darkness. We have very little time left. I only hope that when it begins, we are able to muster the strength to inflict so much damage on them that those that survive will talk about it for the next 10,000 years.

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