Beggars and Liars

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I try to follow and absorb what our opponents say about President Obama — I really do. It’s important to understand when the other side might have a valid point.

But lately, I’m just sick of it.

If you are too, donate $3 now to help push back.

According to them, our guy is a “celebrity president” who spends too much time talking to voters on the TV shows they may actually watch.

But at the same time, he’s accused of working around the clock trying to destroy freedom, and being too mean to millionaires and billionaires by saying they ought to pay their fair share of taxes.

Now, with the one-year anniversary of one of the toughest decisions of his presidency approaching — well, the Republican complaint is that President Obama and the news media are just spending too much time talking about it.

If you’re tired of the noise, you can help keep this campaign focused on one thing: building the organization to win in November.

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Here’s hoping our opposition doesn’t get any more coherent.


Ann Marie

Ann Marie Habershaw
Chief Operating Officer

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