Benghazi Whistleblower explains what is Coming!

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  1. NITZAKHON says:

    Non sequitur to the above, fascinating post… I just added you to my blogroll. Apologies for the delay. And I will fold this video into my Wednesday Whittle post later today and, of course, give you a HT.

    Also, I think you’ll like my latest cartoon which I hope you might mention.

  2. Both of these are now posted on both my facebook pages…

  3. Tom says:

    May it be so…

  4. Jonathan Hartley says:

    Is this really news to anybody with an elementary knowledge of benghazi? They’ve been sitting on this for ten years, ten years? I’ve watched this video and the one with the guy who’s dressed like a disney wizard and there is absolutely no chance these people see another sunrise if they’re telling the truth. Ask Seth Rich. Seems like more Qult garbage imo.

    • DRenegade says:

      Are the audio files released and posted here also garbage? A man should not be judged for his attire. Listen to the videos with your eyes closed if you cannot hear with your ears while your eyes are open.

      • Jonathan Hartley says:

        Does that really work? Is that how the Qult does it? I’ll give it a shot but you didn’t answer the question.

        • DRenegade says:

          I may not have answered the question about Benghazi because that is only part of the information being released. Glenn Beck outlined the arms trafficking in the Benghazi to Turkey connection within days of the incident.

  5. Dennis L Marquardt says:

    Great to hear this come out, but will be hard pressed to have the Globalist Mainstream outlets cover this information. Thank God a Congressman has this information. He needs our prayers.

  6. Blather says:

    All that matters is I see those responsible HANGED by the neck until dead. And when their bodies stop quivering.

  7. b douglass says:

    no one will hang for anything…justice is dead…else clintons and gang would have been imprisoned
    long ago…clinton chronicles, vince foster, waco, etc etc
    911 did not happen as reported as numerous insiders and experts have attested
    over the years…yet no one is charged, no one arrested ( bush, cheney, rumsfeld etc)…psuedo investigations and the scandal of
    the week are covered nightly for our entertainment…pizzagate, child trafficing,
    uranium one, las vegas false flags, spying on trump, russia collusion hoax etc etc…
    yet no justice is served..the media is the new opiate for the masses…a placebo to give us false
    hope that finally, something is being done…but its not…
    let God judge the embedded corruption…the lies on lies…
    many have attested to the depth of evil our leaders have been involved in but still they
    continue with their various agendas for the destruction of america and their
    plans to bring in the nwo, and prepare for the coming of the antichrist…

    • Mk says:

      Wow, well said,,,

    • European American says:

      Do you promise to squelch your false pride when all the satanic players are sent to the slammer?

      • bill douglass says:

        i was stating facts…do you always take it as ‘false pride’ when people disagree with your views?
        I hope im wrong and they do all get sent up…but ive been seeing the same promises of libs/elitists/corrupt politicians getting sent up ‘any day now’ and watched exposes and evidence out the ying yang revealing all the evil they do for 40 years…

  8. seagrape says:

    IMO no one will face Justice anytime soon simply because the adjudicators of Justice are, themselves, compromised and the Cabal has the videotapes of them and will release them if any of the Untouchables are indicted. Epstein was their “pre-emptive fixer” by entrapping many of them and turning over the tapes to the Cabal. Then when the Cabal no longer needed Epstein he was conveniently offed.

    • eckbach says:

      Judgement is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street. Isaiah 59:14
      Yes, truth is gone, and anyone who renounces evil is attacked. Isaiah 59:15

  9. Disappointment says:

    This is not new, this story is 8 years old. We all have heard this story before. And still no evidence has been provided. Dave Janda!? really?!, He promise tribunals 4 years ago. Even Greg Hunter figured him out! If he is the source there is no story here.

  10. Arizona says:

    THE CHINESE have already Stated,”WE ARE GOING TO KILL EVERY MAN WOMAN AND CHILD,IN AMERICA”,and YOUR POLICE GANGS,MILITARY,AND ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES WILL BE HELPING US DO IT…and they will,YOUR HERO’S ARE YOUR ENEMIES,and your to blind to see it..DEATH IS COMING,when your eyes open it’ll already be to late to save your self and your family,THE LORD CALLED TO THE MEN “I COMMAND YOU TO STAND UP”protect your women and children,…BUT THERE ARE NO MEN IN AMERICA,.ONLY RABBITS,and the wolves are circling the yard…

  11. Bill says:

    all of the leaders from the federal government who are involved in these murders must be brought to justice and they all must be extinguished for ever and never to be heard from again

  12. Wanda says:

    The Judgment of the Great White Throne Judgment is justice that wmay be served late. But justice all the same!! God has a place in mind for these people if they do not repent. This judgment is the most extreme imaginable. ARC in the USA standing with Christ and the soldiers who pray with power in His Holy Spirit. In power and in truth. Forever and ever Amen.

  13. Art Warfes says:

    Nothing will come of this. Congress is co-opted. State Department is co-opted. FBI and CIA are co-opted. Media is co-opted. Even now… there is so much IN PLAIN SIGHT evidence against so many people, yet no perp walks. Never will be. We have fallen. We’re a broken country and we’re heading straight into 1984. If people were ever going to stand up and push back, they would have already. Now, too late. Everyone was snoozing on the couch in front of the TV with their bellies full of rancid potato chips.

    • Bill says:

      i have to agree with you , every federal leo has been corrupted very badly by the last Ten Presidents and the bureaucracy has been inundated with demon possessed minions for satans army, there is no turning this around any longer, I believe the only way is thru a civil war, but i don’t see this at this moment Every person is comfortable with their stimulus checks and having there rent paid for them by Uncle commie Sam, just wait till they are all rounded in a big sweep by the democrats if they succeed with there voter fraud manipulation, but i do now this the democrats and every single one of them will suffer major defeat by the hand of God, God will bring against them things they could never imagine and they will be rounded up by a foreign enemy and discarded as the treasonous trash they all which includes all of there left wing commie constituents. To Hades is where they are all going until judgement is issued to each and every one of them for there corrupted deeds and sins, murders and deceit these are all anti Christs as stated in the scriptures.

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