Beware The CoronaNazis

How much damage can Coronaphobics and Coronanazis do to recovery? In the first bracket are the genuinely scared – frightened by the excitable news flow, and what the virus will do to them and their families. How to reassure them? 

The CoronaNazi camp is more dangerous.

There seem to be an increasing number of players willing to play politics to delay reopening to prize concessions and control. Corbynistas (yes, there is still a nest of them at the extreme end of the UK political spectrum) are demanding the unions are given control of workplaces to ensure worker safety is a complete red herring – but try to criticise it, and you will be trolled! (Some of the tweets are hilarious.) All political actions have consequences – and when the government has to play to the fears of Corona-phonics and respond to the Virus-Nazis, we are going to get sub optimal outcomes. 


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