Big Problem

There is at the very least the suggestion that the White House was involved in the Internal Revenue Service decision to target conservative groups which were Obama’s political enemies. If it turns out that that premise is totally inaccurate, we have even bigger problems.

If the White House had no involvement in the IRS decision to target conservative groups and the tax folks made the decision internally, then we have a bureaucracy that has become completely rogue. When we couple that with the fact that we have no viable Justice Department to enforce anything of substance, the implications are unimaginable.

Presidents can come and go every four years or sooner. Once a bureaucracy is instituted, it is with us forever —unfortunately, so is the employees. When considered objectively, bureaucracy is a self-sustaining entity that feeds on itself. The IRS “lost” the e mails of Lois Learner, and then they lost the e mails of six other employees, who were under investigation by a House Committee. Next they destroyed the hard drives which contained the e mails, and then they terminated the services of the company who stored the IRS backup information. Even people who believe in Santa Claus would have a problem with that story. Nah, these are probably just unfortunate coincidences — fortunate if you have something to hide.

A HUD spokesman told USA Today that “his department’s low dismissal rate —providing a 99.85 percent job security rate for employees —shows a skilled and committed workforce.” That would mean that only .15 of 1 percent leave voluntarily or were terminated —I do agree that some within the workforce no doubt should be committed. In 2010 the 168,000 federal workers in Washington, DC had a retention rate of 99.74 percent.

The leading cause of termination of government employees is death! This is true from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Office of Management and Budget and everything in between. Consider that the Director of the IRS testified before a House Committee that the IRS had never “targeted” any organization and then tried to wriggle out of that lie by saying that he didn’t consider “selecting” an entity for delay was targeting. He was allowed to retire.

Veterans Administration officials devised a secret waiting list where veterans suffered and some even died. During the past three years, the VA has paid out more than $10 million in bonuses to employees. Working for government is simply not the same as working for a private enterprise. Employment in a private company is based on performance and competence —in the public sector these terms are completely meaningless.

The Democrat party loves government —the National Treasury Employees Union, which represents the IRS, gave 94% of its political contributions to Democratic candidates who were openly opposed by the Tea Party. Kind of takes the suspense out of why the Democrats are trying so hard to provide cover to the IRS during the House investigation. The American Federation of Government Employees, which represents the VA, gave 97% of their donations to Democrats running for national office and 100% to Democrats running for state level office.

The fact that the government bureaucracy protects its own interest at the expense of the public is obvious. The teacher’s unions have a stranglehold on education in America. School choice programs and Charter schools are not under attack because they are worse than public schools —they are vilified because they are much better at educating kids and pose a threat to inept and unqualified teachers in public schools who are protected like the Bald Eagle. School choice programs and Charter school do a measurably better job of educating students because they do not have to depend on teachers who cannot teach at the expense of the students.

In a recent poll, more than 70% of Americans stated that they don’t trust government —I wonder why?

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer from North Carolina.

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  1. LibertyChick says:

    While serving in the military I supervised some civilian employees. Some were good. Then there was a group of unruly people hell bent of trying to destroy each other and get them fired. When I tried to stop it, they ganged up on me trying to destroy me. One even contacted the attorney general I believe, trying to have me removed from my military position and commission removed.
    The command I worked at would not allow me to take any action against them.

    I also tried to hold accountable an incompetent woman at the GS-9 position. Not much success there. My replacement also tried. That employee sued the government for their attempt to remover her, was awarded around $50k in damages, and then was promoted to the next higher level of incompetence. In doing so, they took her out of her job and put her in a room to do nothing until she retires. In a high cost of living area, that woman is making $80-90k. Not allowed to work because she’s too incompetent.

    Yes, our whole federal system needs an overhaul!

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