Bill Whittle on Racebaiting

This commentary from Bill Whittle succinctly analyzes Juan Williams’ (and by extension FoxNews) racebaiting question to Newt Gingrich. NC Renegade’s articles are meant to promote discussion on today’s events; this is the reason comments are allowed with minimal requirements and censorship. Will you stand by or stand up?

Our country’s success is shown to us everyday in our name: the United States of America. The people who are effectively destroying our country understand this so their main weapon is making us the Divided States of America.

We see this tactic continually from the Obama administration:

  1. Supporting Occupy Wall Street and the supposed 99%.
  2. Attacking states and sheriffs for enforcing federal immigration laws.
  3. Select enforcement of federal election laws by the Department of Justice of Federal election laws based on race.
  4. The Department of Homeland Security’s attacks on Americans supporting the Constitution, God and the 2nd amendment.
  5. Redistribution of wealth by making people and corporations pay their “fair share” while providing subsidized homes to people not qualified to pay the mortgage.

So why is this destructive behavior tolerated? It is tolerated because it is effective. It is effective because politicians and the media continually tell us their “truths”. So the question becomes quite simple: Why do we believe them?

Or maybe we don’t believe them. This answer is even worse since it means that we do not have the sacred honor necessary to stand up and fight for our country. It means that we are not fifty states united by common goals and principles. It means that our future was lost to our apathy and lack of conviction to stand up to someone as meaningless as Juan Williams.

David DeGerolamo

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