Black Lives Matter Organizer Demands Reparations: “Nothing you have is yours”

Black Lives Matter Organizer Demands Reparations: “Nothing you have is yours”

You may think that you work hard for your possessions, but Black Lives Matter organizer Ashleigh Shackelford thinks otherwise. In fact, she doesn’t think you own them at all.

Nothing you have is yours. Let me be clear: Nothing you have is yours. Also, Let me be see through: Reparations are not donations, because we are not your charity, tax write off, or good deed for the day. You are living off of stolen resources, stolen land, exploited labor, appropriated culture and the murder of our people. Nothing you have is yours.

Reparations for us are not only necessary because we are economically harmed, exploited and stolen from — while the violence against us is never acknowledged — but because in order for us to create and move work for Black liberation, it requires resources and MONEY. We live in a white supremacist capitalist world, so ain’t no spinning webs of lies around “money isn’t the answer.” It is because money and exploitation and power are interconnected concepts of violence. Y’all spent hundreds of years selling, mutilating, raping and beating our bodies and labor but you think money doesn’t matter to our freedom and liberation? Cute. Write me a check for this shade because it comes with 400 years of trauma.


h/t Dr. Ley

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5 Responses to Black Lives Matter Organizer Demands Reparations: “Nothing you have is yours”

  1. Alto says:

    Just another black moonbat who is too crazed to think and to lazy to work. Well she come and get hers anytime she likes. I guarantee her immediate weight gain and mineral benefits that are long lasting.

    One gets so tired of these ghetto rats.

  2. Hadenoughalready says:

    “Reparations” my ass! I think that over the years of sucking up welfare and all its amenities, we’ve gone far and above in “reparations”. You’ll get not one dime more!
    Try getting a job and earning a living instead of acting like a parasite, sucking the life out of other, hard-working, folks.

  3. chulai1968 says:

    I’d say she’s worth about one .45 acp hollow point.

    • One_Way_Ticket says:

      TINVOWOOT city, right here. And there are millions more just like her who will never, ever acknowledge reality, shut up, or back down. There will be a reckoning -- and folks like this are creating a situation where the condition of African Americans will be forcibly set back by a century (at best) and potentially far worse, because insanity like this will ultimately result in either a return to segregation, including forced relocation of many people of color, or something far worse, as in ‘Pogrom’.
      ‘Stupid is as stupid does’, as the saying goes. And ignorance is a far greater scourge than innate lack of intelligence… but this screeching moonbat plainly suffers from both.

      I’ve long since arrived at the point of “Let it burn”. There is no going back.
      Our society has abandoned its virtue, its civility, and its common sense.
      What we have now resembles nothing so much as Kosovo circa 1990.
      What comes hence is Just punishment. Only hubris can claim otherwise.

  4. Steady Steve says:

    Sure, we will give you each half a million dollars and a one way ticket to Africa. I’ll bet none of these lazy ghetto rats would take us up on that.

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