Bobby Meeks:The Kick Ass Song


“You Ain’t Gonna Touch This Wall”      AKA – “The Kick Ass Song”

I”m posting this Standard version of my song to portray my anger at Obama setting foot in this location on Memorial Day 2012 and stopping Veterans, their families, and other loved ones for over 7 hours from being able to do what they came from across the country to do on this special day for nothing more than a photo-op and an reelection speech. The Wall was built and paid for by Vietnam Veterans. This is not Obama’s Wall!

The nickname for this song became “The Kick Ass Song” very rapidly and you will see why.

With help I produced this on 04/12/07 for an event at The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington DC. called “The Gathering Of The Eagles”.

The Eagle event was put together by various veterans groups with the aide of Rolling Thunder. The reason was because a large group of late 60′s Anti-War Protesters wanted to stage a march from the same spot to commemorate the original march that they had held in 1969 and march across the bridge to the Pentagon again just as they had in that year.

Vietnam Veterans from across the country converged on WA DC to protect the site where that original protest march was launched from because it is now the exact spot that The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall occupies and we would not allow the war protestors to desecrate our hallowed ground. Over 250,000 veterans turned out for this event. Surrounding both The Wall and the Lincoln Memorial.

My wife Sandy designed the shirt artwork and many other items for the event and I put together the lyrics with the help of Russ Vaughn (contributor to American Thinker) , Lloyd Marcus (of the Tea Party Express) scored the music and found a Marine in Florida named Bobby Meeks to perform the song. Frank Starchak produced the final version(s). We recorded a Standard version, a Radio Edit version, and an Instrumental w/Chorus.

Enjoy, and let your blood boil with mine. :-3)

Publishing rights are owned by Raddue and Marcus.

Please contact me for copies.

Ty Raddue
Vietnam Combat Veteran

“NO COMPROMISE Incite Liberty!”

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