Brandon Smith: Is America Heading For Civil War? Of Course It Is…

In last week’s article I discussed the issue of American “balkanization” and the rapid migration of conservatives and moderates from large population centers and states that are becoming militant in their progressive ideology. In my home state of Montana there has been a surge of people trying to escape the chaos and oppression of leftist states. Some are here because of the pandemic and the harsh restrictions they had to endure during the first lockdowns. Others are here because they can’t stand the hostility of identity politics, cancel culture and race riots. Either way, they are fleeing places with decidedly leftist influences.

Uprooting and moving to an entirely new place is not an easy thing to do, especially in the middle of a pandemic. For many people, such an idea would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Believe me, moving to a place like the Rocky Mountain Redoubt is not an easy transition for most. Hopefully these people understand that they will have to make extensive preparations for the rough winter and be ready to work hard in the spring and summer months to survive. Maybe they don’t realize yet how tough it is here; maybe they know and don’t care.

That’s how bad the situation has become – Rational and reasonable people are willing to leave behind their old life and risk it all to keep a margin of freedom.

In my view it is clear that the political left has gone so far off the rails into its own cultism that there is no coming back. There can be no reconciliation between the two sides, so we must separate, or we must fight. I advocate for separation first for a number of reasons:

First and foremost, conservatives are the primary producers within American culture. If we leave the leftists to their own devices there is a chance they will simply implode in on themselves and eat each other because they have no idea how to fill the production void. The recent developments in the defunct CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone are a perfect example. Those people don’t have the slightest clue what they are doing and it shows.

Second, if conservatives separate it provides a buffer that helps defuse future random conflicts. When you force the two sides into a box together eventually they will find a reason to try to kill each other. Putting some distance between them and us reduces the angst.

Third, if the leftists decide they don’t like that we have separated and are thriving on our own, and they attempt to antagonize or attack us where we live, then we hold the clear moral high ground when we smash them to pieces in response.

I fully realize that the third outcome is the most likely. War is probably inevitable. Why? Because collectivists and narcissists are never satisfied. They desire unlimited control over the lives of others and they will use any means to get that control no matter how destructive. Separating from them is only a stop-gap that allows us to take the superior position. Through peaceful migration, we set the pace of the conflict. Eventually they will come after us, and there will be no doubt about our response then. There will be no way to spin the result in their favor, no way for them to play the victims.

Some people might question if we are actually to the point of open conflict; they might accuse me of “doom mongering”. Others may argue that conservatives are acting “passive” and that we will never take any action. These assumptions are common right now because such people do not understand how history progresses and how group psychology evolves.


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3 Responses to Brandon Smith: Is America Heading For Civil War? Of Course It Is…

  1. Schmendrick says:

    Moving to a ‘redoubt’ state is a completely ridiculous proposition.


    Take for instance California with a population of 39 million. There’s around 1,872,000 III% types in that state alone, which is more that the entire population of Montana alone. More than Wyoming. More than Idaho. Wrap your skulls around this please.


    Unless you have a lot of spare cash. Unless you have a critical skill or profession such as being a doctor, dentist and so forth--and not even this will help much, moving to Montana or other redoubt states will put you in the financial crapper because there is little or no opportunity there--and the best you will do is working at the Piggly Wiggly for minimum wage. These states are practically closed shops and this is why the populations are so small.


    So the time is now to form, clubs, groups, squads or whatever you want to call them to meet the difficult challenges that are going to arise. The time is now to arm yourselves, train yourselves and get your mind in the correct set to do whatever is necessary.


    If you live in a blue state--it is controlled by a small red area densly populated. Move out of that area and into a red country ASAP. Particularly in California you will discover these red areas are more conservative than the most conservative areas in Montana and Texas. If you have a business move it out of a blue county and into a red county. Ditto with professions.


    • David says:

      The fight is where you are at now. This is correct. Stop sitting around and get to work. Build your community. Stop the division and start training: tactical, communications and intelligence. Once you realize that there is no political solution, you will understand that the political elite are the cause of our problems, division and economic slavery. You cannot fight where you are at now if you have not decided who the enemy is. You also have to figure out what to do with useful idiots.

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